‘General Hospital’ Poll: Will Maxie And Nathan’s Relationship Survive If Claudette Shows Up In Port Charles? VOTE!

'General Hospital' Poll: Will Maxie And Nathan's Relationship Survive If Claudette Shows Up In Port Charles? VOTE! With things heating up on ‘General Hospital’, It looks like trouble is in the wings for GH’s Naxie (Maxie and Nathan). Spoilers tease that Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) ex-wife Claudette might show up in Port Charles. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is not too happy that Nathan didn’t tell her about his ex Claudette sooner, so if Claudette shows up it will be nothing but trouble for the happy couple. In a recent discussion with SID, Paevey talked about his current relationship woes.

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In this discussion Ryan shared that he believes it’s just a matter of time before Claudette shows up in town. “I think it’s going to happen, why else would we be stirring up all this drama?” ‘General Hospital’ spoilers recently revealed a casting call that went out in February for a fiery young lady, and this could possibly be Claudette. No reports have went out so far as to who was selected for the part.

Will Nathan and Maxie survive or not?  If indeed the role of Claudette is filled and the character makes her way to Port Charles, there will definitely be trouble Maxie and Nathan. They have been a happy couple for quite some time now, with Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Ellie (Emily Wilson) off the scene. We have to consider what type of person Claudette could be, if she surfaces in PC and runs into Nathan, will she want him back? Does Claudette still have feelings for Nathan and will she stake her claim upon arriving in town? Will Maxie be able to stand her presence?

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Do you want to see Nathan and Maxie get past this Claudette trial and make it to the altar to live happily ever after or do you want Claudette to come between the two? Is their love is strong enough to survive whatever Claudette means to Nathan?  Many thought Maxie and Griffin had good scenes, when they first ran in to each other, could he be a new love interest for her?

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  1. Ang Self says

    I don’t like them together, Damian is her soulmate! I think Claudette needs to be played by Jessica or Natalie on OLTL. Of course I’d rather it to be Natalie cause I”d like Jessica to play Sarah, Elizabeth’s sister, that I believe would be good casting!

  2. Dawnie Hodges says

    I personally would like the couples that are couples now (i.e. Carly/Sonny, Jason/Sam. Franco/Nina. Brad/Lucas, Kiki/Morgan Dante/Lulu and Nathan/Maxie) to STAY TOGETHER. Only in Sodom and Gomara do the couples switch as much and we all know what happened to that city. Please leave the couples that are families together …Make couples of the NEW characters showing up on the screen. Thanks.!!!!!

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