‘General Hospital’ News: Robin Riker Done At GH, Naomi Dreyfus Not Returning

'General Hospital' News: Robin Riker Done At GH, Naomi Dreyfus Not Returning‘General Hospital’ (GH) actress Robin Riker who joined the ABC sudser back on June 3 as Naomi Dreyfus is reportedly off at GH. In recent scenes, the character was arrested by Feds while she visited her daughter, Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] in jail. The news was first reported by Soaps.com who shares that Riker’s last scenes aired this week.

Riker has been a very good addition to the daytime soap opera. Earlier this year the show sent out a casting call for someone to fill the role of Hayden’s mother. Riker was the successful candidate who got the role and made her debut on June 3. Her most prominent storyline was withholding the truth from her daughter that Jeff Webber is really her father and Elizabeth [Rebecca Herbst] her sister.

Riker was hired on a recurring basis and we know how recurring roles operate on daytime soap operas. Though she may have taken away by the feds and it’s her last scene, for now, she could make more appearances in the near future. Given that there is still more explaining to do about her affair with Jeff Webber and the result being her daughter Hayden, We could see Riker back at the ABC soap opera at anytime.

She is also known for other daytime roles she’s a very successful and well-loved daytime actress. She spent a couple years on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ playing the role of Beth Logan from 2008 – 2010 and appeared in approximately 54 episodes. She also had a very brief stint on ‘Days of Our lives’ in 2000 where she played the role of Maureen Lockhart.

So what do you think ‘GH’ fans? Do you think Naomi Dreyfus will be seen in Port Charles? Would you like her to be a permanent fixture on the canvas?

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  1. Deb Thomas says

    I don’t know if she needs to be a permanent player on the show, but I do think there is more to be played out with the character of Naomi.

  2. Kevin Pham says

    i don’t blame her for leaving her role on GH was pretty much useless..=__=…
    how many moe mothers must be locked in JAIL MADLINE NAMOI HEATHER… who’s next =__=…

  3. FBM says

    I think the show tries to hard to create instant family connections, new or old for the newer characters who have zero or very few ties to the canvas. Attempts to make families for Nina, Nathan kind of fizzled out and same with Hayden’s. The actress was pretty good but poorly developed character that like many on GH serves only to be a plot point in some story. They keep dropping character names like Raymond Berlin and Jeff Webber more often so I wonder if either or both characters will come to GH.

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