‘General Hospital’ Interview: Nathan Varni Discusses ‘GH’ On Social Media – Reveals Whether TPTB Listen To ‘GH’ Fans!

'General Hospital' Interview: Nathan Varni Discusses 'GH' On Social Media - Reveals Whether TPTB Listen To 'GH' Fans!“General Hospital” viewers use social media to communicate with TPTB of the ABC daytime drama, but do they listen? When you ask that question you may be surprised by the answer.

In a recent interview with ABC Soaps In Depth Nathan Varni, ABC manager of current programming, revealed that the back-and-forth with “General Hospital” viewers on Twitter and Facebook is enjoyable and fun. However, according to Varni, “it has not proven to be a useful decision making tool.”

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So, yes, in a way TPTB are listening to “General Hospital” viewers regarding storylines, etc., but they’re not necessarily taking comments and suggestions into consideration. That doesn’t mean head writers Shelley Altman and Jean Passanante as well as executive producer Frank Valentini don’t care about “GH” viewers opinions.

The final decision about where a character’s story will lead on “General Hospital” is up to the head writers’ – and their vision for the future of that character. But Varni wants you to know that the ideas for storylines come from everywhere.

Nathan Varni asks “General Hospital” fans to understand that the head writers’ give it their all every day to write the best storylines possible and give your favorite character the screen time they deserve. It’s not easy to please everyone all the time.

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“General Hospital” fans – don’t fear! Your thoughts, concerns, ideas and requests are heard. And oftentimes are discussed by TPTB, because, according to Varni, when a story is a good one it doesn’t matter where it originated.

No matter how long you’ve been watching “GH” and whether or not you’re part of the online community, your viewpoint does matter. The last thing the writers and producers want you to do is to stop watching!

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