‘General Hospital’ Interview: Donnell Turner Exclusively Dishes On Curtis Ashford’s Love Life, Upcoming Charity Work

'General Hospital' Interview: Donnell Turner Dishes On Curtis Ashford's Love Life, Upcoming Charity WorkThis opportunity was a grand one! Having the chance to interview ‘General Hospital’s’ Donnell Turner (Curtis) was great. Turner was so welcoming to the interview, he shared what it has been like since acquiring the role of Curtis Ashford, his former daytime roles, upcoming projects, the romance between Curtis and Valerie and more. Check out the interview below!

SOS: Good day Donnell and how are you doing today?

Donnell: Good day to you! I’m feeling fine; it’s beautiful here in sunny Southern California!

SOS: Excellent. What’s work like these days? We know you are probably filming scenes for the Nurses’ Ball at the moment?

Donnell: Work is Wonderful! I Love GH and my place in Port Charles!

SOS: Cool, our research shows that you had two previously recurring roles on daytime; can you compare these roles Dr. Aiden and Curtis? Do you find that you possess similar character traits to any of them?

Donnell: I’m always going to try to bring a little bit of Donnell to every role but other than that they have nothing in common. Dr. Williams was by the book with very little edge and Curtis is quite the opposite and a lot more confident.

SOS: Personally, we love Curtis. Something about him just keeps our eyes glued to the screen. Not sure if it’s the charm with the ladies, his undeniable super hot P.I. skills or what. But what can you share about his romantic involvement? We know currently he is trying out things with Valerie, is that long term, do you know? Will Hayden (Rebecca Budig) or Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) steal his heart? What can you share about that?

Donnell: Super hot P.I. skills? Can’t say anything about romantic involvements but I will say Curtis is a free spirit and he’s probably more interested in staying that way

SOS: Perfect, Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

Donnell: None at the moment. GH and charity work has me very busy at the moment and I am very grateful. I’ll be in Florida at the beginning and the end of May. I’ll be the grand marshal of a celebrity golf tournament for the Kawana’s kids club in Orlando Florida May 4-7. And May 27-29 I will be a part of SOAPFEST benefitting special needs children. There are also the Awesome fan meet and greets in July in Los Angeles, October in Chicago and Cleveland and November in Boston and Connecticut. I LOVE THIS GAME!

SOS:  Indeed very busy…. Is there anything you can tease about Curtis’ upcoming story?

Donnell: Hmmm…all I can tease is… more Martial Arts and a sweaty, shirtless Curtis.

SOS: Sounds fun, can imagine the ladies would go crazy out there. Is there any one you haven’t had scenes with that you would love to and why?

Donnell:  Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), Anna DeVane (Finola Hughes), and Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner), just to name a few. It would mean so much to me because I watched them growing up, they paved the way and gave me the desire to want to work on General Hospital and in Hollywood.

SOS:  It would be fun to see u in scenes with those stalwarts. It was fun having you stop by to do this interview, thank you very much for answering our questions. Do have yourself a lovely day!

Donnell: Thank you! It was my pleasure, have a great week.

So GH fans, would you love to see Curtis perform at the Nurses’ Ball? What do you think of the romance between Curtis and Valerie? Do you hope he eventually hooks up with Jordan or Hayden? Would you like to see him eventually have scenes with Luke, Frisco, Anna or Robert?

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