GH Spoilers: Jason Suspects Jagger is Interested In Carly — And He’s Not Wrong

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Suspects Jagger is Interested In Carly — And He's Not WrongGeneral Hospital spoilers report Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) didn’t fully take it on board when Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) said she played nursemaid to Special Agent John ‘Jagger’ Cates (Adam Harrington) overnight after he was brutally beaten by two men near the waterfront.

To Jason’s credit, Carly didn’t give him the play-by-play of that night. Leaving out key details about the long late-night hours she put into Jagger’s situation may have been what was most comfortable at the time. Besides, it was one night, and truly, nothing happened.

Innocent flirting aside, Jagger isn’t at the forefront of Carly’s mind, but as that comes to change, and as Jason sees a similar response in the federal agent he’s working for, he’ll be faced with a complex situation of having to protect Carly from Jagger in a whole new way.

General Hospital Spoilers — One Memorable Night Changes Everything

We all want to think the time has finally arrived that Jason and Carly will get to be together.

Some fans are even theorizing that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is on his way out — and Jason will take over his empire when he’s possibly shipped off to prison.

That would indulge Benard’s alleged desires to retire soon while also scratching the incessant itch we all have for Carly and Jason to be the new power couple in Port Chuck.

But Jagger’s interest in Carly is soon going to prove to be more than just that of a member of law enforcement chasing down a former mob wife he could throw behind bars any day.

Carly may love Jason, but if it’s not convenient to be with him, she will settle for someone else who can keep the home fires burning.

GH Spoilers – Suggest Jason Morgan Bucks Jagger Cates

If Jagger decides to pursue Carly, romantically, Jason is certain to mount a defense against that.

Jagger could claim he’s interfering with their arrangement by showing any interest in Carly, but at the same time, Jagger would be doing the same thing.

Of course, since he holds all the cards, he gets to write the rules as he goes. Could he even force Jason to give Carly his blessing to be with Jagger if he thinks that’s the only way to keep her safe from his threats to throw her in a cell for the rest of her life?

General Hospital Spoilers — Carly Spencer Is Kept In The Dark

We can expect that Jason isn’t going to tell Carly the truth about his ties to Jagger anytime soon. She knows he was going after Sonny, and briefly suspected Jason of shooting him. She knows he has a history with Jason.

She doesn’t know he’s blackmailing him into being an FBI informant, all while holding leverage over his head that implicates her in federal crimes.

Will Jason continue to forsake his shot with Carly while allowing Jagger to take his place just to keep her safe from persecution? Keep checking back for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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