‘The Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) Poll: Will Nick And Sage’s Marriage Survive Losing Christian? VOTE!

'The Young And The Restless' (Y&R) Poll: Will Nick And Sage's Marriage Survive Losing Christian? VOTE!“The Young and the Restless” hinted that Nick [Joshua Morrow] and Sage’s [Kelly Sullivan] marriage would not survive the loss of baby Christian. Sage cannot imagine life without her precious baby boy; a son she never thought she could have. She believes that her dream of someone taking him was a warning and feels stupid for not listening to her gut instinct.

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Nikki [Melody Thomas Scott] told Victor [Eric Braeden] that she doesn’t think their marriage will survive this. There are many secrets between Sage and Nick as it is, without adding the grief and loss of their child. Long-time fans know that Nick is moments away from getting a wandering eye; he refused to grieve the loss of Cassie with Sharon- and turned to Phyllis Summers [Gina Tognoni] for comfort.

Clearly, Christian is not dead; instead, he was kidnapped by Dr. Anderson [Elizabeth Bogush] for a reason that has not been disclosed, yet. It isn’t obvious whether she plans to give the infant to Sharon [Sharon Case] or keep him for her own selfish reasons. The one detail head scribe did release about the storyline was it becomes clear that Sharon is in the line of fire with Dr. A having a design on Nick.

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The one thing that isn’t clear yet is why she has orchestrated the kidnapping of Nick’s child. Is it possible that she is Sandra Allen from high school? Most fans agree that is a very real possibility. The one thing most fans agree with is that Nick and Sage will not survive the loss of their baby boy. It will be a loss that will rip the family apart, leaving Sage alone to grieve.

The storyline is almost identical to Faith’s birth.  When Ashley [Eileen Davidson] had to hand Faith over to Sharon, it nearly destroyed her. She loved Faith as her own child, just as Sharon will love Christian. Another thing is that kidnapping storylines like this one typically are very long drawn-out storylines, so I wouldn’t expect closure for quite some time.

Do you think that Christian is alive? Do you think Nick and Sage will survive the loss of their son?

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  1. Elinor says

    Watch the Y@R as much as I can. It is nice that I can see it twice a day.

  2. Jenn Thompson says

    I don’t think baby Christian died.. I think Sharon’s doctor took him n is going to pass him off as Sharon n Dylan’s

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