‘The Young And The Restless’ News (Y&R): Justin Hartley Celebrates One Year Anniversary As Adam Newman

'The Young And The Restless' News (Y&R): Justin Hartley Celebrates One Year Anniversary As Adam Newman“The Young and the Restless” fan favorite, Justin Hartley celebrated one year on the show portraying Adam Newman on November 5. Until he stepped into the role, many fans doubted that anyone but Michael Muhney could play Adam Newman in a compelling way. Justin proved all his haters wrong.

In one year, he made the role Adam Newman his own. When you think about Adam, you envision Justin Hartley, not Michael Muhney. He has chemistry with nearly every character he interacts with on the show. His scenes with Eric Braeden are magical, often comical yet serious.

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One of the earliest scenes was when he was recovering from extension surgery to become Gabriel Bingham. He had the determination to get up, no matter how many times that Sage Warner [Kelly Sullivan] told him to lay down. You could almost feel the pain when he moved; typical Adam, he pushed through the pain to see his son on a nanny cam.

Another powerful scene was when he told Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan] that he loved her, even if she doesn’t feel it right then, he knows she felt the same. It was after she blew the whistle on his real identity. Honestly, it was if he felt relieved the truth was out.

My favorite scene so far was when Victor stood up for him against Billy. For so many years, Adam has needed his father to show him, love. Viewers knew he loved him, but sometimes being loved by Victor is not easy. It is clear being Victor Newman’s child is difficult at times as Nick [Joshua Morrow] and Victoria [Amelia Heinle] struggle with their love/hate relationship for their powerful father.

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It doesn’t matter if you love Adam or hate him, one thing is for sure- he is one of the best soap opera villains of all time. Justin Hartley has mastered the role of Adam Newman; he makes it easy to be angry with him and love him all at the same time. How do you feel that Justin Hartley has done to resurrect Adam Newman? Are you glad he is sticking around for at least another year?

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  1. Karen Krupinski says

    Justin Hartley is amazing as Adam Newman. No matter what he does or how he handles situations you can’t help but love Adam!! Rock on, Justin and congratulations on your 1st anniversay….here’s to many more:)

  2. Darlene says

    I still miss Michael Muhney. There is really no comparison between the two actors or roles. Adam is very different now; written very differently and acted very differently. There is not the depth of character. This Adsm you can predict. From what I”ve beem readkng and have observed a few times, Adam is not a villain
    and this is where Michael Muhney was taking the character: to become a family man, good role model for hs son and turn himself in for hitting Delia. Hartley’s Adam did not turn himself in.

  3. Marcia says

    He is like the kid with the curl”, WHEN HE IS GOOD HE IS VERY,VERY GOOD ”
    But the thing is we love him good or bad. Never thought Michael Muhaney could ever be replaced but I was very wrong.
    Justin has it all, he is gorgeous, strong, a man most women would to be with. His chemistry with Chelsea is beyond and there love is so strong, He makes it very hard to not love him….I do….HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY JUSTIN” YOU HAVE PROVED YOURSELF OVER AND OVER”

  4. Nikki Bradley says

    He as done a phenomial job as Adam. Y and R did a great job with the character this year! He is my favorite

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