‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) RUMORS: Did A Jealous Gwen Push Hilary Down The Cliff?

'The Young and the Restless' (Y&R) RUMORS: Did A Jealous Gwen Push Hilary Down The Cliff?“Young and the Restless” rumors are at it again. It looks like the rumor going around social media is Neil (Kristoff St. John) could be innocent of Hilary’s (Mishael Morgan) disappearance. According to the rumor Mill, Gwen (Nadine Nicole) – who is returning to the soap on Sept. 9- will be the one responsible. Could Gwen have shoved Hilary down the cliff in a jealous rage?

About a year ago, Devon (Bryton James) needed a girlfriend to attend family dinners. His family was aware he was seeing someone special they had no idea about his affair with his stepmother, Hilary. She had a great idea, set up a pretend girlfriend, and she can attend the family dinners. The one detail that Hilary wasn’t counting on was that Devon or Gwen would fall in love with each other.

Devon only had eyes for Hilary; however, he did enjoy being with Gwen. They had sex several times, and she fell for him. “Y&R” fans remember she showed hints of jealousy towards Hilary. She had a connection with Neil (remember the kiss), and she may have wanted to return to help him with his revenge plot.

The rumor right now is that Gwen was the one that pushed Hilary off the cliff. It is possible that Neil and Colin are not aware she is in the area. The last they both knew, Gwen left Genoa City- for good. Maybe she confronted Hilary about cheating on Neil. She became agitated with Hilary and ‘accidentally’ pushed her off the cliff. She flees the scene, terrified that she could be in real trouble. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities.

It seems much more likely that Gwen would come back and try to hurt Hilary than to sell to long-time fans that our beloved Neil went off the deep end. They are writing him like a new Adam. He will do whatever serves himself. He will seek revenge and doesn’t care who gets hurt. That is not our Neil Winters.

Mishael Morgan will return from maternity leave in a few weeks. Upon her return, the fans will have the answers they are dying to know. Until then, they are left to speculate and ask ourselves: Where is Hilary Hamilton?

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