‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Steve Burton Teases Dylan And Sharon Scenes Coming Soon

'The Young And The Restless' News: Steve Burton Teases Dylan And Sharon Scenes Coming Soon“The Young and the Restless” spoilers tease that Sharon [Sharon Case] and Dylan [Steve Burton] scenes are coming soon, according to Steve Burton’s official Twitter page. He tweeted to his followers, “Shylan coming soon!”  Immediately, fans were ecstatic and hoped that soon Dylan would save his emotionally fragile fiancée from the storm she is about to endure.

Sharon is currently in Fairview and believes she is going to give birth to a healthy baby boy any day now.  In actuality, Sharon is not pregnant and is being separated from her family, so they won’t see that she is NOT expecting, after all.The whole family- including Noah [Robert Adamson] and Mariah [Camryn Grimes] believes that she will be delivering a baby. The only person that seems to question her pregnancy is Patty Williams [Stacy Haiduk]. When Dr. Anderson [Elizabeth Bogush] found out Patty doubted her pregnancy, she helped pave the way for Patty to disappear; it was implied she helped her escape out of the institution.

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Steve Burton has been watching the fans comments on Twitter and wanted them to know that Shylan is coming. On Friday, November 20, the spoilers tease that Dr. Anderson makes her next move. The way the spoiler was written many fans interpreted it to mean that she’d make an advance on Nick [Joshua Morrow]. On Friday, November 20, the preview showed Dylan telling Sharon that Christian passed away. Sharon was devastated by the news.

Many fans are upset about how stupid they have written Dylan lately. If Sharon announced her pregnancy originally in June, she would be five months pregnant- hardly ready to deliver. If her baby was born now, the baby would not even be a viable child yet. Yet, the head scribe, Chuck Pratt, Jr. wants fans are to believe that she will have a cute, chubby full-term baby?

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The storyline seems like a ridiculous way to break apart Nick and Sage [Kelly Sullivan]. Longtime fans are pretty sure that Nick will soon get the wandering eye and jump into bed with the first woman who bats her eye at him. With Adam away in prison, does that mean Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan] may be his next ‘thing’?

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