Soap Masterpieces November Throwbacks: Y&R’s Daniel Romalotti Kept Phyllis Summers’ Son Danny From Her

Soap Masterpieces November Throwbacks: Y&R's Daniel Romalotti Kept Phyllis Summers' Son Danny From HerNovember is the month of soapy throwbacks and today takes you back to 2003. “The Young and the Restless” on November 24, 2003, featured Daniel Romalotti [Michael Damian]and Phyllis Summers [Michelle Stafford] coming to terms with each other, and agreeing to co-parent teenage son, Danny Romalotti [Michael Graziadei].

Phyllis arrived at the club and was shocked to see Daniel in Genoa City. He asked his sister, Gina [Patty Weaver] if she’d give him a minute to talk with his former wife, Phyllis privately. Once alone, she begged for him to tell her how their son, Danny was doing. She hadn’t seen him for many years and missed him. Daniel told her he didn’t like talking to her about Danny because it causes her pain, and he really does want to contribute to her loneliness.

Typical Phyllis, she kept asking him until he offered information about her son. He gave her vague information about the boy and told her he was extremely happy. She wanted to know if Danny ever asks about her. Daniel refused to answer her and said if he tells her it would cause her more pain.

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Phyllis tells him she was happy now. She told him she was married to Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman], and they are raising Kyle together. She explained that Kyle was Diane Jenkins’ [Susan Walters] son, but he was better off without her. She opened up and told him that they worked for opposing companies and often the stress gets to them. She sometimes wondered if he would be better off with Diane.

Daniel told her it surprised him, she’d allow herself to get attached to another child after losing Danny. He told her that losing him must have been extremely difficult. Phyllis told him that even though she has a good life, she has an empty space that only her son Danny would fill. She thanked him for talking to her. She told him that if Danny ever asked about her to say, “Your mother loves you and thinks about you every day.”

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When she got up and left, Daniel looked sad for her. He looked as if he made a mistake taking Danny from her. He could tell she was in a good place and would be a great mother to him. Do you remember this moment when Daniel started to reconsider sharing custody with Phyllis?

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