‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers November 30 – December 4: Billy Spirals Out Of Control, Phyllis Contacts Ian Ward, Ashley and Adam Have Explosive Encounter, Nick Accepts Dr. Anderson’s Help

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers November 30 - December 4: Billy Spirals Out Of Control, Phyllis Contacts Ian Ward, Ashley and Adam Have Explosive Encounter, Nick Accepts Dr. Anderson's Help“The Young and the Restless” November 30- December 4 spoilers tease that Billy Abbott [Burgess Jenkins] will spiral out of control and threatens to take Phyllis Summers [Gina Tognoni] down in the process. Ashley Abbott [Eileen Davidson] confronts Adam Newman [Justin Hartley] and drills him about a sensitive issue. Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] accepts Dr. Anderson’s [Elizabeth Bosgush] offer for help. It will be an action-packed week.

On Monday, Adam finally hears if he will be released from jail. Victor [Eric Braeden] calls Michael Baldwin [Christian LeBlanc] and tells him that he has a surprise witness that may be able to help clear Adam. Head scribe, Chuck Pratt previewed that it is the last person you’d think will come to his aid. Fans speculate it could be Ashley Abbott, and will testify that he saved her life.

Victor worries that Michael isn’t taking his son’s appeal serious enough and implies he could get another attorney to handle it. Victor tells Michael he’s concerned at Judge Moxley’s [Jensen Buchanan] lack of desire to work with him to vindicate Adam.

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On Tuesday, Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan] worries about Adam. She worries that he won’t be able to handle going the distance in jail for ten years. Victor assures her he will be released in a few days, and she wonders why he’s so sure. Victor prepares to go to battle for Newman Enterprises and makes a few insulting comments to Abby [Melissa Ordway] and Nick Newman.

Nick brings Faith to see her brother, Sully. Nick cannot force himself to see the baby and tells himself he cannot even be happy for Sharon [Sharon Case] right now. Faith was upset with Nick when he wouldn’t go see Sharon’s baby, but Dr. Anderson tells Faith that she needs to talk to him about her mom.

He sees Dr. Anderson at Fairview, and she offers to counsel him again. On an impulse, Nick agreed to see her for a session. CBS Soaps in Depth previews that Dr. A has planned to torture Nick and Sage [Kelly Sullivan], but operates under the umbrella of being a caring physician. She has the opportunity to wreak havoc on their marriage and life.

On Wednesday, Stitch [Sean Carrigan] and Abby meet their wedding planner. Abby remains clueless to her fiancée’s feelings about her mother. Stitch has stayed mute about his feelings for Ashley, but he wants to come clean. Will he tell Abby his feelings or stay quiet like Ashley advised?

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On Thursday, Ashley confronts Adam in an explosive manner. The spoiler teases that at this point, Adam MAY be released from jail. He may not like the questions she may have but is said to give her honest answers. It looks like she may have questions about what deal he made with his father to get out of jail so early.

On Friday, Billy Abbott loses his grip and spirals out of control. He passes the point of no return, and he took Phyllis with him. Earlier in the week, he talked Phyllis into convincing the  computer geek, Topher [Brian Dare] to allow her to communicate with Ian Ward [Ray Wise]. Ian Ward is summoned out of hiding by Phyllis; she uses herself as bait. Billy sends Jack [Peter Bergman] to Switzerland to cover up his question to find Ian Ward; Jack leaves believing he is leaving on a business trip.

It looks like it will be a fantastic week. Burgess Jenkins was seen on the set last week, so he will likely be on the air until at least early January. Sean Carrigan reportedly signed a multi-year contract, presumably two years- Sean nor CBS confirmed.

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