‘One Life To Live’ (OLTL) News: Rainn Wilson Discusses Role As Homicidal Comedian Antonio Vega

'One Life To Live' (OLTL) News: Rainn Wilson Discusses Role As Homicidal Comedian Antonio VegaThe Office” star Rainn Wilson was a guest on LIVE with Kelly an Michael on Tuesday, November 10 promoting his new book “The Bassoon King.”  The actor reminisced about his first ever on-camera acting job. Wilson laughed when telling Kelly Ripa and Michel Strahan about a role he felt was created just for him.

Wilson portrayed a homicidal stand-up comic hired to kill Antonio Vega (Kamar de los Reyes). Andy Harrison (Wendee Pratt) – Antonio’s girlfriend who was a detective with the Llanview Police Department – thwarted the effort and the duo held the homicidal comedian until they got the answers they wanted.

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Rainn Wilson explained – the character was deep with the mob and was forced to poison Antonio’s drink at the comedy club. “They give me a gun. {Antonio’s girlfriend] wrestles me to the ground. It was like MI5,” Rainn joked. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan surprised Rainn Wilson with a clip from a 1997 episode of “OLTL” in which he guest-starred.

In the clip Antonio and Andy are demanding answers from the homicidal comic – and he has none. “I’m no hitman. I bet I couldn’t have even pulled that trigger!” The trio joked about the video clip, and Kelly asked, “Then what happened?” Rainn Wilson told the co-hosts that they let me run away. He thought TPTB would bring him back in a recurring part, but they didn’t. “I thought I would get my own show or something,” Rainn laughed.

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Kelly asked the actor-comedian how long he worked on the show – he said it was only about five episodes but it was a great training ground and he had a great time and was very excited about appearing on “One Live to Live.” The actor revealed that he made more money in the five days he worked on “OLTL” then he had ever made doing theater or any other acting jobs combined.

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