Nathaniel Marston News: ‘One Life To Live’ Alum in Desperate State – Still Critical, Faces Uncertain Future

Nathaniel Marston News: 'One Life To Live' Alum in Desperate State – Still Critical, Faces Uncertain Future“One Life to Live” (OLTL) alum Nathaniel Marston (Dr. Michael McBain) remains in critical condition and doctors have warned that the actor will “most likely live out his life as a quadriplegic.” Marston was involved in a horrific car accident on October 30 and was not expected to survive. This most recent report comes from Fox News on Wednesday, November 11.

Nathaniel underwent surgery on November 4 and doctors were hopeful that there would be a successful outcome. But very early in the morning of November 5 Marston’s heart stopped twice. Nathaniel Marston’s representative issued a statement saying that in all probability the actor would regain use of his upper body with extensive rehab. A new press release states that the optimism was premature.

On November 8 Marston’s mother Elizabeth Jackson asked fans to pray for her son and updated them on his condition. Nathan was less responsive on Saturday, November 8 and Elizabeth revealed that her son has a shearing brain injury that has been causing problems. Nathan’s mother explained that his brain had been shaken back and forth in his skull. Doctor’s drilled two holes in Marston’s head to drain fluid and reduce pressure on the brain to avoid brain damage.

Nathaniel is also battling pneumonia, a heart infection and an irregular pulse. On November 10 Elizabeth Jackson posted a further update on Marston’s condition, “Hello Dear Friends and Family… Family…No change today… Another rough day… Nate is scheduled for a brain scan tonight and if fluid has not dissipated he will have surgery to reduce pressure on brain on Wed Nov 11. Doing my best to remain strong. Must rest now… Thank you soo much for your love, kindness, prayers and positive and generous support. It really means so much to me.. Sending all of you love, light and Gods blessings.XOXOXOXOOXOXO.” Nathaniel’s family asks for continued prayers for the actor.

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