‘General Hospital’ News: Laura Wright And Frank Valentini Give ‘Good Morning America’ Tour Of ‘GH’ Set – Sneak Peek At Nutcracker Gala Preparations

'General Hospital' News: Laura Wright And Frank Valentini Give 'Good Morning America' Tour Of 'GH' Set - Sneak Peek At Nutcracker Gala Preparations“General Hospital” (GH) executive producer Frank Valentini and actress Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) gave “Good Morning America” an exclusive tour for the talk show’s 40th anniversary. Frank and Laura gave “GMA” a sneak peek on the set where “GH” fans will see for the Christmas episodes, including the Nutcracker Gala.

Laura Wright walked “Good Morning America” cameras through the make-up room where Chad Duell (Michael Quartermaine/Michael Corinthos) and Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) were getting ready to shoot scenes. Did you know that Bryan has tattoos on both wrists that need to be covered by the make-up artists before filming?

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GH” fans got a glimpse of the massive wardrobe facility, it’s much too big to be called a wardrobe room. Wright gave “GMA” a tour of Sonny’s closet and Carly’s closet – two full levels of clothes total for 30+ characters. Laura also ran into Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) and Emily Watson (Ellie Trout). Laura Wright showed off Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) wedding dress, as well as the gowns the ladies will wear for the holiday episodes and Nutcracker Gala.

Executive producer Frank Valentini joined Laura for a tour of the set where “General Hospital” is taped. The first stop was the “nurses’ hub” which is the only permanent “GH” set – it has three levels and working elevators. The entire “GH” set takes up 20,000-square feet.

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Next stop on the tour was Sonny’s apartment decorated for Christmas, as well as a look at how the Metro Court will be decorated for the Nutcracker Ball. While on the tour Laura ran into a filming session of Maura West (Ava Jerome) and Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) in the park with baby Avery. But Valentini warns, don’t get too used to Ava with Avery – the custody battle is just heating up.

General Hospital” fans did you catch Laura and Frank’s tour of the hair, make-up and wardrobe departments? Did you get to see the sneak peeks of the nurses’ hub, Sonny’s apartment and Metro Court decorated for Christmas? It is surprising how close some of the sets are to each other. Sonny’s apartment is right next door to the park and just a very short distance from the Metro Court set!

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