‘General Hospital’ Interview: Anthony Geary Promises GH Return As Luke Spencer For A Hot Storyline

'General Hospital' Interview: Anthony Geary Promises GH Return As Luke Spencer For A Hot StorylineWe may have just said goodbye to actor Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer on General Hospital, but now, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Anthony Geary would return to General Hospital if the storyline was just right.

Anthony Geary spoke with Entertainment Weekly and said that he’s “excited to raise the curtain on Act 3 and reinvent myself,” but that he is not completely opposed to returning to Port Charles.  “If the story is interesting to me and it works out, I may come back to the show for six weeks or so,” Geary told EW.

Frank Valentini, the executive producer of General Hospital, commented and said that he is one hundred percent okay with that decision. “He has millions of friends here. It’s not a question of him being able to stay or come back. It just has to be a good enough, solid to bring him back.”

It seems interesting that Anthony Geary just left General Hospital on Monday, July 27, and now that the head writer has been fired, Geary is already considering returning to the show. We think that is a little more than just a coincidence.

For now, though, Anthony Geary will leave to Holland where he has a second home. Anthony Geary says that he will explore musical theater in Holland. Geary says, “I’ve been studying voice for the past 10 years,” said Geary. “I would like to do musical theater in Holland or near London.”

Anthony Geary did go on to say that he will always have a love for Luke Spencer and Port Charles. “I’m not sick of Luke. He’s an infinitely fascinating character,” said Geary. “He’s one you can take out of modern context, put in the 16th century, and give him a sword. I really don’t think we have exhausted what he can do. It depends on the writers and how far they want to look. We had just been repeating ourselves for a while. I had become a dad, a grandfather. There was no way I was going to stick around to become just another guy. If they come up with something, a twist, I would come for it.”

What do you think? Now that the head writer for General Hospital has been fired, do you believe Anthony Geary will return as Luke Spencer? Is it too soon to discuss a return for Luke Spencer considering he just departed from the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. lisa KONERMANN says

    Yes it would bring the ratings back up to gh !!!& I can’t wait for his return especially to come back to his true love Laura!!!#

  2. Sherry says

    Luke has to come back! I don’t blame him for being fed up with the way his character was being written but GH is just not GH without him.

  3. DAVIDA BURNS says

    Love Geary but the stupid exit story line has me cold to a return right now. I think he needs to go to Holland and do his thing there and think about his life. He’s pushing 70 years old, what’s he want? He sounds like an aging diva if you ask me.

  4. Pris Hodges says

    I have always loved Tony in whatever he did…be it TV, stage, movies, etc. He is the consummate actor and would be very hard to emulate. I would also welcome him back from time to time and not just with Laura, but with the ENTIRE crew of GH. He plays with and off of each cast member beautifully.

  5. JEREMY says

    Of course his timing is not coincidental. However, I believe GH can survive without him. The Spencers will always be an jnteigal part of the show. They survived without The Brewers!

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      People make mistakes in typing. It happens, we are human. All is corrected. Thanks for pointing out!

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