‘General Hospital’ (GH) News: Bradford Anderson Returning to GH – Spinelli Coming Back To Port Charles

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Bradford Anderson Returning to GH - Spinelli Coming Back To Port CharlesGood news “General Hospital” fans; it looks like Bradford Anderson may be returning to the soap, according to Soap Opera Digest on Monday. In May, Anderson reprised the role of Damian Spinelli, and he was convinced he was in love with Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Since his departure from Port Charles, “GH” fans speculated when Spinelli would return one day. It looks like fans will get their wish, but how long will it take?

Spinelli was a character that had so much potential. He was a fan favorite, and the best friend to Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). A few months ago, he was convinced that Jake (Billy Miller) was actually Jason Morgan. Jake, of course, doesn’t remember any of life before losing his memory. Everyone disregarded his suggestion that Jason were alive. Is it possible he could return with evidence that Jason Morgan is indeed ALIVE?

In his last visit to Port Charles, Spincelli intended to profess his love for Maxie at the Nurses Ball; however, just before going through with it- he realized he loved Ellie all along. He left to Portland and hasn’t been seen since. It looks like that he could return and uncover the truth about Jake’s identity. He was very close to uncovering that Jake was really ‘Stone Cold.’

There is no word on when he returns to “General Hospital.” The only information released was that he is definitely returning to Port Charles. How will Port Charles react when they learn Spinelli was right all along- Jake is Jason Morgan? Do you think he will uncover the truth about Jake’s identity? Will he discover that Maxie is his true love?

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