‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) News: Josh Griffith Explains Why He Cast John-Paul Lavoisier As Phillip Kiriakis

'Days of Our Lives' (DOOL) News: Josh Griffith Explains Why He Cast John-Paul Lavoisier As Phillip KiriakisJohn-Paul Lavoisier has been cast as Phillip Kiriakis on “Days of Our Lives” and head writer Josh Griffith recently sat down and talked about his vision for the future of “DOOL.” Expect to see John-Paul debut as Phillip sometime in December.

When asked how the former “One Live to Live” actor (ex-Rex Balsom) came to be cast as Phillip Kiriakis the new head writer at “Days of Our Lives” was happy to explain the process. Josh Griffith said he and co-head writing partner Dena Higley knew they wanted to bring the character of Phillip back to “DOOL.”

Both writers had worked with John-Paul Lavoisier at one time or another. Both Griffith and Higley were looking at a soap opera magazine and noticed a little picture of John-Paul on the cover – he had just been cast as Hugh Cambridge for the new web series “Winterthorne.” Josh Griffith said he knew right then and there that he had his new Phillip Kiriakis. “I saw the picture of [John-Paul] and went, ‘There it is. Right there.’” He took the magazine into a meeting and announced, “Guys, here’s Phillip!”

Are you a fan of John-Paul’s? You’ll get so see him pulling double duty as Hugh Cambridge on the four-part web series “Winterthorne” produced by Michael Caruso. And soon you will see JP back on “Days of Our Lives” as the new Phillip Kiriakis. The last time fans saw Philip Kiriakis in Salem was in 2011 –then portrayed by Jay Kenneth Johnson. Get ready! Phillip is coming back to town! It will be interesting to see what exciting storylines Philip will get tangled up in.

What do you think of John-Paul Lavoisier being cast as Philip Kiriakis? Did Josh Griffith and co-head writer Dena Higly get it right when they suggested the actor be cast in the role? If you were a “One Life to Live” fan are YOU excited to see Lavoisier not only on “DOOL” but also as Hugh Cambridge on “Winterthorne”? Sounds like John-Paul will be very busy, especially since “Days of Our Lives” celebrates its 50th anniversary soon and has brought back many characters and the veteran actors who have portrayed them.

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  1. Kristin Wilson says

    I do NOT like this new Phillip. Either one of the old ones was better but I get they’re not available, but really?! This guy?! Yuck! I hope there’s enough who agree with me to to get rid of him! Who cares about his long time soap history.

  2. Lana M says

    I ADORE the new Phillip and I ADORE
    John-Paul Lavoisier SO freaking much – he was fantastic on OLTL as Rex!!! He will be amazing as Phillip – PLEASE DOOL viewers give John-Paul a chance b/c he will NOT disappoint at all. Look, I really loved Jay Kenneth Johnson but he’s moved on so its time for us do so as well – I wish him all the luck; but he’ll do fine – AGAIN I LOVE/ADORE NEW Phillip!!! John-Paul Lavoisier will ROCK your world – let him. PLEASE.

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