General Hospital’ (GH) Interview: Brytni Sarpy Dishes On Filming Valerie’s Love Scene With Dante

'General Hospital' (GH) Interview: Brytni Sarpy Dishes On Filming Valerie's Love Scene With Dante Soap Opera Digest sat down with “General Hospital” newcomer Brytni Sarpy. She talked about how it feels to be the new person on the set, redecorating her dressing room, and the anxiety about doing her first love scene. Her character, Valerie Spencer has spunk, attitude, and so many layers. Soap fans hope she sticks around for years to come. She is quickly becoming a fan favorite of “General Hospital.”

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Brytni revealed that after a few months on the set she finally doesn’t feel like a newbie anymore. She laughed and said, “I by no means feel like a vet soap actor, but I no longer feel like the new person on the set.” She recalled her first day on the set of “General Hospital.” She said she was very nervous. She explained that she is an over-thinker, and she wanted to make sure that she got all her scenes right. “Thankfully, my first scene was with Emme Rylan (Lulu). She gave me the surviving the first week on a soap 101 course. She is an amazing and caring person. I will forever be thankful for her warm welcome,” she recalled.

She decided to try to make her dressing room- her home away from home- must more homey feeling. She painted the room to give it a more warming feel. She noted the color is teal and it is vibrant and welcoming, “It’s the exact feeling I was going for.”  She noted that Ryan Peavey (Nathan) did most of the painting. “Apparently, I am not very good at it,” she noted.

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Brytni said that her first love scene was completely awkward at best. “It is an awkward thing to do. You over think where you are placing your hands or body. Dominic Zamprogna  (Dante) made the scene light and fun to film. I am grateful for his humor,” she explained. She said she is incredibly blessed to be part of the show and portrays such an amazing character. “She’s a Spencer, and part of one of “General Hospital” legacy.  It’s humbling as an actress,” she said.

“GH” fans, how do you feel about Valerie? Is she still in love with Dante?

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