‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Bo Dies of Serious Illness – Heartbroken Hope Blames DiMeras and Wants Revenge!

'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Bo Dies of Serious Illness – Heartbroken Hope Blames DiMeras and Wants Revenge!“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) will soon be on the path to reconciliation. Unfortunately, their reunion will be short-lived. Jason47’s “Days” website is reporting that an Australian magazine gave away some plot details and they’re not pleasant. DOOL spoilers tease that Bo is dying of a serious illness and he doesn’t have long to live.

Once Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) confirms his fate with medical tests, Bo will be faced with the terrible task of telling Hope. It’s not going to be easy after all they’ve been through. Bo would love nothing more than to stay with Hope in Salem and make up for lost time. However, the same can’t be said for Peter Reckell. It appears Reckell wasn’t looking for a long-term return to the soap business, but he agreed to come back to give “Bope” a fitting end.

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Since Reckell has chosen not to stick around, you could argue that “Days of Our Lives” writers are taking a smart route with a disease storyline. This way Bo isn’t abandoning Hope and they aren’t breaking up. They can maintain their supercouple status, but Hope will be able to move on without guilt. “Days” rumors hint that a pairing with Rafe (Galen Gering) could be coming down the road, but Hope will need to grieve first. Caroline (Peggy McCay) will also have to deal with this tragic loss.

Will’s (Guy Wilson) murder hit everyone pretty hard and Bo’s death will only add to the heartbreak. Victor (John Aniston) and Caroline will seek comfort from each other, but it’s still going to be tough to let go of their son. As for Hope, it seems she’ll turn to a revenge mission to numb the pain. Hope will hold the DiMeras responsible for Bo’s untimely demise.

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DOOL spoilers say Steve (Stephen Nichols) will try to discourage Hope from going after the DiMeras, but it probably won’t do much good. It looks like the feud between the Bradys and the DiMeras is about to heat up. Stick with “Days of Our Lives” for updates on Hope’s quest for vengeance.

So “Days” fans, what do you think about the news that Bo is being killed off? In light of Reckell’s short stay, do you believe this was the best way to wrap up his run on the NBC soap? Will Bo and Hope get the closure they deserve? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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    1. Linda says

      get a new Bo …..don’t kill the character

      1. pamela provencal says

        now that i agree on……….if you have to……..replace him don’t kill him off……..i like this bo but if its a must…. then replace him don’t kill hm.

  1. Rhonda McKnight says

    I think it’s cruel to bring him back and him save her life and he die off the show! Why can’t he or both of them sail away??

    1. CindyHaskins says

      I have to say that bo and hope sailing away it is not going happen.kristian alfonso has no plan on leaving days any time soon.

  2. Lee says

    I will hate to see this story line end this way…but its much better than the way he was written out before.
    The two of them were great together and will be forever missed.

    1. Beth says

      I agree Lee. As much as I hate for Bo to die, I think this is the best way, everyone gets closure. I know it seems like a tease to have him then die, but the way they wrote him out before wasn’t right. I appreciate that Peter came back to do this. iN my opinion there is no replacing Peter Reckell as Bo.

  3. Kathyandlouie says

    It’s going to be sad for a lot of people but at least we can say goodbye and have some kind of closure for Bo?????

  4. Blue says

    I read a comment on Twitter that Peter wanted this. Guess hes retiring and moving on. Bo has been gone from the canvas for 3 years, but it’s going to be hard seeing Bo Brady die. Hes been on our tv screen for well over three decades and it feels like losing a friend of the family. Yet I look forward to seeing how Hope handles all this emotionally and the could be exciting storyline for Hope, The Dimeras and The Bradys. I just pray there are no microchips involved.

  5. judith says

    I don’t like this at all. Bo and Hope should be together forever. Not right to bring him back and let them be happy and then brake her heart all over again when he dies. Just not right.

  6. Wilma Morris says

    Bo & Hope have been the central couple of the show since it’s inception! Why not let them reunite & then take a long trip on the FancyFace (sail off into to oblivion, like SHAWN D. & Belle who should come back to Salem & take up where Bo &Hope left off, & Help Patch find the murderer, & help cure Joey!Also Chad &Abby should become the pone of the next Super Couples, along with JJ It’s time for the generational changes anyway! You have a whole crop of youngeers to begin the next drama; along withinNicole &Daniel Sami’s kids lots of potential for next storyline! Just let Bo &Hope rail off together to never be seen again; you did it with others! Wherever they are Bo & Hope should grow old together before death! Please don’t just kill Bo off! Not Cool! I’m 75 yrs young s
    Disabled retiree who has watch Days(only Days ) since my granddaughter was born 23yrs ago; &shave tried to get interested in other soaps, but not had the appeal of days; Please give some respect,& closure to the Bo&Hope story that is deserving of their storyline! You made them, now respect them enough to give the, the proper send off!

    1. Julie says

      Umm, did it evr occur to anyone that Peter Reckell WANTS to leave, but Kristian Alfonso likes her job and kind of wants to stay employed? This is a show folks, not real life. He came back to give closure to the couple for the fans. Be appreciative and also realistic, and know that this is a job, and some people choose to leave jobs, and some choose to stay. Geesh.

    2. ChihuahuaMama says

      Bo and Hope have only been around for maybe 35 or so years, definitely not from the ‘inception’. But I’m with you, just send them off somewhere and maybe down the road be replaced by other actors.

    3. JO says


      TAKE A VOTE AND SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WANT THE PAIR TO HAVE MORE TIME–also give them a pay raise so they want to stay–also more of Sami

  7. Reona says

    Sad Bo is leaving again …but I really would love
    To see Rafe. And hope get together !!!

  8. Marcia Jordan says

    I stoped watching Days when Bo left, And I will not watch them kill him ,This is heart breaking for the fans I understand that he wants to end Bo and Hope for Peter it is just a job but to the fans it is like a Death in the family,And the same old story line is so over done, Kill off all the Dimeras’s please A new story line is so needed ,

  9. Bonnie says

    I think that it is good he came back i think that if Bo does not want to be Bo anymore than they need to fine a new Bo

  10. Mary Jo Goode says

    If Bo dies ,i will not be looking at Days of our Lives any more. This is one they have lost.

  11. Sadie says

    It’s not right I grew up watching no had not got to watch him untill he just came back oh makes the show an he’s hot I think I
    Done watch days

  12. tina says

    This is why days keeps losing fans …I know I don’t watch it as much anymore …cause days keeps taking main people off the show

  13. Patricia says

    IT SUCKS They could bring the other guy back to play Bo he don’t a good job.

  14. Ann says

    I will never watch Days again if Bo dies!!!

  15. Lisa schill says

    Please don’t kill Bo. Get Robert Kelker Kelly to play him again. I will always love Peter Reckell but we need Bo and Hope together.

  16. carol says

    Re-cast Bo. It will work. The fans just need to be patient. Everyone said the same about billy Flynn, Chad, look at him now. Everyone loves him. Bo and Hope have been around a long time. Ratings can go right back down. Just re-cast him, simple.

  17. Diane Taylor says

    I do not like this at all Bo is going to have some kind of disease and the show bo and hope have been on the show for years this is not right come on writers why do you have to do this this will be sad recast Bo it want be the same

  18. Barbara says

    Just replace him….don’t take him away again…

  19. Anna Manion says

    I will definitely stop watching if Bo is killed off! Too many deaths is not good for the soul, especially if losing people in real,life too.

  20. Kerri says

    Bring back Robert Kelker-Kelly to fill the role

    1. BJ says

      Definitely, they should re-cast Bo like before with Robert! Hope has gone through too much and needs her Bo! Won’t be the same with even Rafe!

  21. Angi says

    They are such a good storyline couple. Love truly has conquered all with them. I hate that they have to kill off Bo. I have always looked forward to his return. Hope has always belonged with Bo. If Peter truly wants to leave this the best way. All of us need closure. If Hope is to find love again I agree Rafe is the one.

  22. Patricia casstevens says

    I have watch Days of our life since it first come on please don’t take Bo off the show him and Steve make the show. You will lose so many people. Bo and Hope belong together Don’t kill him off

  23. Kim says

    Since they tape so far in advance , it’s likely he has taped his last show already or will soon do so, so the fans reactions pleas will fall in deaf ears. I will say that it is a selfish move on PR’s part to demand that no other actor can take over the part. He left only because he couldn’t get a huge raise to match his huge ego, now he come back ( huge paycheck too I imagine) only to demand Bo be killed off! This is selfish. Also stupid on his part, how can he ever come back when he gets low on money, which will happen. Bo is such a legacy character that he shouldn’t be killed.

  24. Linda Nix says

    If he was just coming back for a few days they should have cast a new bo to come back. Friggin watched this soap from day one and am getting tired of the way their taking it. They didn’t even mention the two kids that belonged to bo and hope and nothing has been said about Haydens son but its all over nres and internet its stupid.

  25. Terri Anderson says

    OK number one but would help or not with the show since its beginning like some posters have set hope wasn’t even born when the show started number to Peter wants to leave the Shell it’s better to do it this way then hope can move on without guilt and thirdly We cast bow Brady no can’t happen.

  26. Jessica says

    I hate the illness! Wish he died as a hero, saving his family from the Dimeras. Think illness plot is stupid and boring. But I love Days and I’ll keep watching anyway.

    1. Patsy says

      We just have to get over it folks. It’s gonna’ happen whether we like it o not. I also am a big Bo and Hope fan but stuff happens. Hope will move on with Rafe the way she did with Aiden and we will recover.

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