Weekly Soap Ratings October 26 – 30: ‘General Hospital’ Loses BIG, ‘Y&R’, ‘DOOL’, And ‘Bold’ Have Amazing Week!

Soap-ratings11Soap Opera Network released the rating report for the week of October 26-30. It looks like “General Hospital” lost big in the ratings this week. “The Young and the Restless,” “Days of Our Lives,” and “Bold and the Beautiful” saw an HUGE increase in ratings. Let’s examine how your favorite daytime drama stacked up in the rating reports.

The Young and the Restless

“The Young and the Restless” has pulled out all the stops to score a HUGE rating score for November sweeps. It looks like it worked too, as they saw a big increase in the week of October 26-30. In total viewers, the show saw an increase of 130,000 this week or nearly 220,000 since last year. In the key demo, “Y&R” saw an increase of nearly 50,000 viewers. The show averaged over five million fans tuning in every single day to see what happened next in Genoa City.

Days of Our Lives

“Days of Our Lives” had a great week. In fact, it was the most watched week in 19 months, according to Soap Opera Digest. The soap saw an overall increase of 77,000 viewers this week and almost 200,000 since last year. In the key demos, the show had an increase of about 30,000 but lost about 25,000 since last year. “DAYS” had over two million people tuning each day to see what would happen next in Salem.

Bold and the Beautiful

As silly as the storylines are on “Bold and the Beautiful,” you’d expect the ratings to be extremely low. It looks like the fans are not avoiding the L.A. based soap opera. The CBS daytime drama scored over 51,0000 viewers this week and just over 2,000 increase from last year. The show has an increase of 32,000 in key demos, but lost 50,000 when compared the key demos to last year, the same week. “B&B” had nearly four million viewers tuning in each day to see what drama surrounded the Forrester Creation workplace.

General Hospital

“General Hospital” had a terrible week, again. Fans are tired of the Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] taking so long to come out. Finally, it was revealed on November 9. The weekly total viewers saw an increase 44,000 people, but a decrease of 150,000 from last year.  In the key demos, “GH” lost HUGE- losing 14,000 from last week and almost 110,000 from last year. The ABC soap opera had almost three million people tuning each day to see what would happen next in Port Charles- mostly to find any clue that Jake would know that he was really Jason Morgan.

Now that Jake knows his true identity, do you think “GH” ratings will increase? Do you think the rest of the soaps will continue to maintain the positive ratings?

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  1. Cassie Lewellen says

    If the writers do not get better. The storylines shorter. Listen to the viewers. GH is going to die. Maybe that is what GH wants. This bringing back people from the dead or from so long ago. The viewers have advance we don’t want this shit any more.
    Better pay attention to the viewers. We are who pay all of your salaries. You all could be with out a job.
    Think about this seriously.
    Cassie Lewellen

  2. Cassie Lewellen says

    Do not take any thing out of my opinion

  3. T Coleman says

    I have watched for many years and this is not GH at its worst but pretty damn close.

    1st PLEASE listen to the fact that your viewers DO NOT like the Ava character. I was a fan of the actress on As the World Turns as Carly but not here. Please kill the character or just right her off ASAP!

    2nd PLEASE give it to Elizabeth with both barrels. Her character should stay but dear God end this bogus relationship with Jason IMMEDIATELY! We have SUFFERED enough.

    3rd PLEASE let the baby belong to Micheal, his character has suffered enough and needs stability and his own family.

    Beyond these 3 requests try harder to find interesting storylines and new characters. Kiki, Franco, Ava and what’s her name from Y&R are all officially a BUST!

    I’m a 35 year soap vet trying to hang on to a bond my grandmother and I had. Please don’t make me turn the page! You need viewers and you are currently just pissing off your audience.

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