‘Days Of Our Lives’ Interview: Peter Reckell Discusses Bo Brady’s Heartbreaking Return To ‘DOOL’

'Days Of Our Lives' Interview: Peter Reckell Discusses Bo Brady's Heartbreaking Return To 'DOOL' When ‘Days Of Our Lives’ spoilers first confirmed that Peter Reckell was returning to ‘DOOL’ as Bo Brady, fans of the NBC soap opera were thrilled to have him back on the canvas.  Little did they know, Bo Brady’s return to Salem and Hope would be brief – and downright heartbreaking. After being kidnapped, rescued, and diagnosed with a brain tumor – Peter Reckell’s iconic character Bo Brady is killed off once again, and it looks like for good this time.

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For the ‘Days Of Our Lives’ 50th Anniversary celebrating, the cast members of the NBC soap opera sat down for interviews to discuss their current storylines on the daytime drama.  Reckell dished in a recent interview about how much fun was having bringing Bo back to Salem, and expressed that he was unhappy his return was so brief and he was being written back out of the daytime drama.

Reckell dished, “The thing i am so proud of with these writers, especially right now is that they have been able to do that cost-savings and still have a story that is so engaging.  It’s making it a little difficult for me to leave.  I’m like ‘Hey this is fun!’  You know, i am back in the sandbox and I want to play some more.”

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You can check out the full interview below, and everything Peter Reckell has to say about his heartbreaking return and exit from ‘Days Of Our Lives.’  Are you as sad to see Bo Brady leave as we are?  What did you think of his emotional exit with Hope Brady in the park? (If you missed it, you can watch his final episode right here).  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. BETTY says


    1. carol says

      I dont think thats far!!!!!!!!!!!why dont they kill off some one else its always the bradys not right why bring him back just for him to kill him off not right at all soon going too stop watching i think!!!!!!!bring back boo !!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Liz Cuero says

        There always seems to be medical reasons when God says “NO”

      2. Liz Cuero says

        Bo and Hope would be so nice to watch when I had a day off from work or school.

    2. Susie Farber says

      I love Bo on the show if you kill him off for good will not watch the show any more he is too important too the show bring him back soon or i am gone sorry but that is how I feel. S.F.

    3. lois says

      I think now that Carolyn is psychic, they should have Bo come back in spirit form and visit with her! I would love that story line!!

  2. susan says

    I actually saw Peter when he was Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar” in Milwaukee WI. They actually had guys like bouncers standing in the isles when Peter was hanging on the cross with only a drape over his pelvic area. I figured that if one girl was able to get passed the bouncers I would definitely be the second girl to the stage. He was fantastic in the play. He will be missed on DOOLs.

  3. Yvonne Mitchell says

    Keep Bo ALIVE!!!!!! Too much killing as it is on the show, who likes that!

  4. Teresa says

    Why kill Bo off. It is not going to be the same you need to find away to bring him back. That was just crazy to bring him back and have him die that fast. Not sure I can watch anymore!!!!

  5. Evelyn sandberg says

    I have been watching your show since the beginning and have to say that killing off Bo was a terrible idea. Peter Recktel is and has been one of the best actors on the show.Some of the older actors will be leaving in the future and then I will Need Hope and No to be the new matriarch couple. Also glad patch and. Sammy back just bring bo and ej back for good!!

  6. Cindy Catanoso says

    Days of Our Lives is the only soap opera I have ever watched…and I’ve been watching sine the very first episode. Yes, Bo and Hope were always my absolute favorites..and yes, it is heartbreaking to see Bo leave the show. But I have to say that the writers outdid themselves with this storyline. I am 65 years old and I can NEVER remember a time when I actually SOBBED through a storyline. Watching Hope with Bo in the park for their final encounter was heart wrenching. Their acting was impeccable. I was so drawn into their emotions that I realized there was no other way this could end. We,as dedicated fans, may not be happy about the outcome…but I know, for me, and loving their characters the way I have..this was truly a spectacular ending to an amazing love story. Kudos to Kristin..Peter..and Ken Corday for giving me something I’ll never forget.

    1. Marie Novak says

      I agree with you Cindy. I’ve watched Days from day #1 and have never felt the emotion I did yesterday, not even Alice Horton’s passing and she was another great loss.

  7. Sandi says

    It wasfun seeing Bo and Hope back together, I wish it had lasted longer. My problem is that now the writers are once again going to place Hope in a relationship with a man (Rafe) who is so much younger than she. They are turning her into a soap opera cougar in the likes of Kate. Rafe was married to Samantha–Hope’s younger niece–but, the writers think the viewers are mindless fools who cannot do the math. Rafe is also the same age as Aiden, so clearly, Hope likes her fellows about 10 years younger than she is. I would love to see Rafe and Lani together. The writers could bring in a new character more age appropriate for Hope….or even try a relationship with perennially long suffering and lonely Roman.

  8. Char says

    am done watching dool please dont take Bo off the show

  9. kaye says

    i have watched dool since the inception in 1965. hope and bo have always been my favorites. i cried yesterday with the scene in the park. all the flashbacks were wonderful. i hate to see bo gone again and this time for real. such sadness. here’s a flashback! anyone remember when marlena left the show and there was actually a protest at the studio?? and marlena was brought back!! all i can say is WOW

  10. Dora says

    I have been watching Days since I was 8 years old back in the 60’s. I cried yesterday remembering the perfect couple I admired as a fantasy when I was younger. Farewell to the couple that made daytime. Bo and Hope had it all over Luke and Laura.

  11. linda miller says


  12. Dj says

    Bo and Hope should become the “TOM AND ALICE” of Days. That’s about the worse decision in the world for him to leave at this time. We would like to see some stability remain. Victor’s foul mouth should be calmed down. With Bo gone, I won’t be interested in it anymore. Somethings you have to keep. Bo and Hope should be one of them.

  13. Sara Bowerman says

    After all this time DOOL writers bring Patch & Bo back just to kill Bo off after 2 weeks?!?!! Are you loosing your minds? I will stop watching AGAIN if “you keep him dead.” Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla must grow old together and be the new matriarchs. Without them, this show will fizzle out for sure. Keep BO BRADY ALIVE!

  14. carole matthews says

    Who decided to have Peter Reckell Bo off the show for good? Whoever you are SHAME ON YOU,Reckell I can tell from his interview would like to stay.Been watching off an on since 1965 when it started. If you let Bo go you will regret it as about 60 percent of the fans will be tuning you out for good.This was a BIG mistake so PLEASE rectify it before its too late, KEEP BO ON THE SHOW He is one of the best actors on Days DO IT NOW PLEASE This is urgent.thanks for reading I was really upset when Bo was written off BAD MOVE. UNHAPPY FANS LOTS OF US. Do something about this NOW. Thanks

  15. Linda says

    With Bo gone so am I. I won’t watch the show again, sorry DOOL you just ruined the show

  16. Barb says

    I did not want to see Bo go. I feel that the writers could have use him in a way to bring back some of the viewers they have lost. I know because of this I will probably go to another show. One of the reasons why I kept watching the show in the hopes that they would bring Bo back and I was thrilled when I heard he was coming back. Bo dying hit to close to home for me. I am noticing the writers are not interested in the fans opinion who has followed Days of Our Lives so because of this I will go elsewhere. Thank you Days for the time I spent with you but just like you writers it is time for a change.

  17. Ray D says

    Why take off all the gay characters? Get rid of Bo & the pirate guy!

  18. linda says

    Plz keep Bo,. Whoever is making the decision to kill him off the show, should revisit it. Let him be in a coma, then have family praying and then he wakes up healed ,😊

  19. Paula says

    I am so disappointed that they killed both Bo and Aidan. I have watched this show for ever. Bringing back Andre was stupid. Save the money. Bo and Hope belong together. I will admit, the show has been very exciting. So happy to see Sammy back.

  20. carolyn says

    i have watched days since day 1 and it is not going to be the same without bo brady on the show, so please bring him back to be with hope, they make the show

  21. Karen says

    Let Bo live victor can find a dr to help him making big mistake killing him for good I am done if he dies. Stefano lives forever why not bo

  22. Pat says

    I’m so disappointed with the apparent departure of Bo. It’s obvious the fans want him to stay, as he does also. Please let this happen. I , also,think it was a mistake to make all the kids older. Miss the little ones and wanted to watch them grow up. The story line with Ben,Chad and Abigal is a good one. I am 76 and have watched since the beginning.

  23. Nancy Johnson says

    I can’t believe how stupid the writers are! You bring him Bach just too kill him off! Stupid, just stupid! That love between Hope and Bo should have been like Alice and Tom! Especially now in this crazy world!

  24. Joy Lynch says

    Please dont take Bo away again so soon…It is so great to have him back…taking him away again now is just plain cruel….I mean think about it. And what is the deal with little Ciara and Aidens kid growing up like overnite…makes the show look so tackless. and last but not least get rid of Ben…he is just like totally not at all realistic as a crazy guy. Glad to have Steve back…also one of my faves…just wanted to throw that in there.

  25. Denise says

    I thought it was Peter’s decision to leave. Now that I know it was the writer’s who did this, I hate them! The bicentennial was a complete bust and now killing off Bo? Fire the writers!

  26. Joan Davis says

    I like Bo and glad to see him back even if for a few weeks.I have watched DDL sence day one. At one point he said be would never come backand would not say whyso i was surprised he came back and know want to stay. I will keep watching DDL and enjoy ever minutes of it. The whole cast are great and as I said Bo & Hope are good so are the reast people get a life is is jjst a soap and I for one realy enjoy it and thank you for being on for 50 year hooe for many more years.

  27. Betty says

    By all the comments, no one that is a fan wants to see Bo permanently gone from the show..Hopefully, the writers will take notice and find a way to keep him on the show….Bo is the only partner that will be forever for Hope. Dont think it is a good choice to eliminate Bo from the show permanently

  28. CL Brewer says

    Hope and Bo are two actors I have actually seen in person! Both times, here in Columbia, MO. Hope was a guest when we opened our mall (1985) of all things and my Mom and I saw her – Mom was a great fan- and Bo came to our fairgrounds years later. Hope just gets more beautiful with the years and I’ve always loved Bo’s character. I’m sad he’s only here a short time. We also got to see the street and store window where a long story line was filmed in New Orleans. They have just been a part of my life for a long time. I hate to see him leave also. I also thought there would be a cure or surgery. Yes, I’m sick of Stefano and this evil son that came back also. I assume EJ will pop up too. I have no patience for them. Just Hope and Bo! Steve and Kayla! If you take Bo away, consider bringing Shawn Douglas back in more. He is a handsome dude as well.

  29. Pam says

    Please don’t kill Bo off. Every time you think of Days you think Bo and Hope. What now? So sudden and I think this will hurt Days.

    1. Ginny says

      I have been a faithful fan for 50 years. so sad to hear Bo will not return. writers think hard.

  30. Nancy Kile says

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t let Bo die!!!!!! He and Hope and the whole Brady family are the essence of DOOL!!! Don’t know who made the decision, but they are going to ruin DOOL for those of us who have been watching since the very beginning. Please listen to your fans – nancy in nashville

  31. betty says

    although i loved the fact that bo was back…i am sorry for his departure….i thought this final episode was done in excellent taste with all the memories bo & hope shared….i cried like a baby

  32. Sue odom says

    I have watched this show from the beginning and I have to say I don’t know if I will continue,Bo is such a part of this program and it will not be the same without him

  33. Sue Miller says

    I wish Bo and Sammy would stay on the show longer they are the biggest part of the show just as John and Marlana are.I glad you brought Bo back for awhile but not long enough

  34. Tim says

    If this is how the current writers think the fans wanted to celebrate the show’s 50th Anniversary they know NOTHING about Days’ true fans. I’ll admit I’ve not had time to watch last weeks shows yet but if this clip from the end of Friday’s show proves to be “the end” then I think it may indeed be THE END for me and Days.

    I can’t take this much sadness and loss for a show that has always given me love, adventure and hope. In return for 50 years of watching all they’ve given fans so far is an anniversary of murder, killers and funerals. I thought I could make myself continue to watch after they killed off Will Horton, BUT if they have brought Bo Brady back just to make us watch him DIE then I don’t think I can continue to watch.

    This was supposed to be a milestone for the show and I had hoped they were setting Bo and Hope up to become the “Tom and Alice” for the next generation of the show but I guess these writers don’t have that type of forethought and long-range instinct. All they seem to be able to write is the shock-value, that comes with killing off beloved characters.

    I know it’s just “a show” and the writers or no one connected to it will ever see my post but I just had to vent. To me it’s like they are TRYING to KILL THE SHOW instead of celebrate it’s history and position it to be around for another 50 years.

  35. Joan Davis says

    Glad to see Bo back even forba few weeks. I have watched sence day oneand enjoy all the cast. Bo leftand said he b would nkt ever return. Know he wants to be back. He would not say why he left or why hebwould nkt come back. I like the soap and will keep watching as they always come back. Thank you for 50 years and hope for many more.

  36. Donna says

    Sad to say..since yours writers are working on ending the show I will quit now..at least that is how I see where this is going with killing Bo!

  37. Donna Buchheit says

    To kill Bo off as soon as he saves Hope is insane!!!! She has been through hell and now this!!! Just plain cruel!!!!! Not right!!! His passing in Hopes arms was handled with such class, it was beautifully written…everybody in tears in the end. So sad that this is the end of Bo, it’ll never be the same. Now we can root for Patch and Kayla. These two were great as well. I hope Patch stays on the show for a long time!

  38. Madayln says

    I know they had to kill Bo off just because Peter Reckell only came back because everyone knew they couldn’t leave Bo out there with everyone thinking he was the bad guy who left his family. Bo would never do that. I wish he would change his mind and his casket get switched like Patch Steve did and they would even bring him back as Robert Kelker-Kelly again since Peter Reckell will not permently return. I how ever will miss Bo. My favorite super couple besides Sami and E.J.

  39. Kathy says

    Please bring Bo (Peter Reckell) back………….I’ve watched since day one and love the show, but I’m not happy about Bo dying………..please reconsider! I love Bo and Hope and of course Bo has to be Peter Reckell

  40. patty cummings says

    I can’t understand why the writers of the show would write off one of the most important people on it. You are making a huge mistake. The show will not be the same after this. If you want to continue to lose your viewers, then just keep on losing your key players. I will not continue to watch the show until you bring Bo back

  41. Anna says

    My mother started watching the show in the 70’s and I’ve grown up watching it with her and my grandparents! Bo and Hope are suppose to be forever!! The show has been so good since Bo has been back! Please bring Bo back!!!!! There has to be a way to keep him alive!
    This is just not fair!!! Friday’s episode was heartbreaking!

  42. Irene says

    I cried along with Bo and Hope. Sorry this was the wrong move. Please Corday read what the fans are saying and find a way to bring Bo back. This was the worst decision in 50 years.

  43. Anita says

    Terrible! They could have put Bo in a coma or sent him to away to heal somewhere or anything but kill him off. But this is Days after all, maybe they can bring him back again.

  44. Becky. Long says

    That was one of the stupids things you have done. I was so happy when Bo came back then you have him die.Bo and Hope make that show. I cried the whole show Friday. It will never be the same.

  45. Mary wagner says

    Please bring Bo back. Just when he returns to save Hope you kill him off. How unfair. I was so happy to see him come back and now I’m truly disappointed to know he’s been killed off. Been watching for 50 years and I’ve loved it all but I hate this. Was very saddened to see him die in Hopes arms. If you can keep bringing Stefano back you can surely bring Bo back.

  46. Lupita dominguez says

    Please dont kill Bo off, I was so disappointed when he left and now you bring him back to only kill him off. Him and Hope belong together please dont di this to your fans of DOOL. Ive been watch Days since I was a little girl I may have to quit watch if you guys keep doing this to us. Alot of fans are really upset about it with them its getting boring.
    Please bring him back

  47. Mary Ann Morris says

    i have been watching day since days since forever if you kill off Bo then I’m done with days so stupid to bring him back then kill him off.

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