‘Days Of Our Lives’ Interview: Peter Reckell Discusses Bo Brady’s Heartbreaking Return To ‘DOOL’

'Days Of Our Lives' Interview: Peter Reckell Discusses Bo Brady's Heartbreaking Return To 'DOOL' When ‘Days Of Our Lives’ spoilers first confirmed that Peter Reckell was returning to ‘DOOL’ as Bo Brady, fans of the NBC soap opera were thrilled to have him back on the canvas.  Little did they know, Bo Brady’s return to Salem and Hope would be brief – and downright heartbreaking. After being kidnapped, rescued, and diagnosed with a brain tumor – Peter Reckell’s iconic character Bo Brady is killed off once again, and it looks like for good this time.

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For the ‘Days Of Our Lives’ 50th Anniversary celebrating, the cast members of the NBC soap opera sat down for interviews to discuss their current storylines on the daytime drama.  Reckell dished in a recent interview about how much fun was having bringing Bo back to Salem, and expressed that he was unhappy his return was so brief and he was being written back out of the daytime drama.

Reckell dished, “The thing i am so proud of with these writers, especially right now is that they have been able to do that cost-savings and still have a story that is so engaging.  It’s making it a little difficult for me to leave.  I’m like ‘Hey this is fun!’  You know, i am back in the sandbox and I want to play some more.”

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You can check out the full interview below, and everything Peter Reckell has to say about his heartbreaking return and exit from ‘Days Of Our Lives.’  Are you as sad to see Bo Brady leave as we are?  What did you think of his emotional exit with Hope Brady in the park? (If you missed it, you can watch his final episode right here).  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Diana Brown says

    We have lunch with Days at work so we can eat while watching the show. PETER IS THE BEST! !!!!! STAY! !!

    1. Carol says

      agree he should have stayed for awhile since all the other ones are gone, they really do think they should keep some of older viewers happy

    2. LINDA CARTER says

      I have been hoping that Peter would be back. I was so happy to see he was coming back and now to kill him off is really breaking my heart. I started watching this show in 1969 I have missed lots of the Days people, but Bo is probably the one I have missed the most. Please rewrite and put him back on the show.

  2. Nancy says

    So sad I really am going to miss Bo The show isn’t going to be the same I. Cried I wish you hadn’t taken him off . So so sad

    1. Lana says

      Very sad I think there is a lot of us agreeing that Bo should stay love him so and will always miss him I know that they have to let some of the older ones go because of age but as fan’s for 50 yr’s we will miss everyone we have grown to love them all good or bad they are fantastic crew for the best Daytime soap.

    2. Randy says

      Worst decision to not keep “Bo” . I have watched it forever and it is not the same without Bo.

    3. cathy says

      i think fridays show was very very sad, i’m sorry that you felt you had to kill of his character.
      bo and hope have been a favorite and the highlight of that show since the beginning. i wish you wouldn’t have killed him off. why couldn’t you have found a famous brain surgeon that could have saved him , like you did mrs brady. can’t you bring him back. please. just make it look like he fell unconcious and he’s still alive. it was great that he came to hopes rescue. but to kill him off so suddenly that really stinks. please bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Trudy Portman says

    First of all let me say that I like Peter Reckell. And, I am not sure what show I am watching anymore. After he left in 2012, they didn’t match Hope up with anyone until Aiden came on board. I liked Aiden, but no the writers decided to make him some kind of a nut and kill him off. Then Bo returns, but, he has been on what a week or two and has a brain tumor and so he is toast. So what is the point of killing Aiden and bringing Bo back to die, so Hope is widow what twice now. Just crazy. I also miss the little girl who played Ciara. She was a really good little actress. I don’t find this new girl believable as Hope and Bo’s daughter at all. Chase hasn’t been on the show long enough that I care one way or the other. I like Theo, but not as Andre. I realize it is a soap, but some of the things going on now are just really badly written and not believable. Hopefully, they will let Steve stay that would be one bright spot. And, lastly I am really looking forward to Ben’s departure and the follow up on Abby’s baby.

    1. mary turner says

      I agree why have Bo return and then kill him off? why make Aiden a nut and kill him off. these new writer is showing me they do not know how to write believable! the new Ciara, cannot get with her at all. those kids grew up over night, wow. I wonder what is the story line will be now.

    2. Docia says

      I agree with so much that you say – I really have a very hard time with the transition from 12 year old Ciara and Theo to the current versions ready for their senior proms! Geesh that was just too much – the scene with the two of them with Joey for instance – Joey has been back on with the younger versions of the two and now they are all of an age? just NOT right!

      and to kill Bo off like that – they could have at least allowed him a few months and a slower progress of the tumor, just as with the youngsters it was way too fast. Now if they would kill off Andre I wouldn’t be bothered at all – just don’t like that character at all!

    3. Jacqueline says

      Trudy you have said exactly as I feel. Every thing that you have said…I thought the same. Love Bo and young Ciara; why was this such a drastic change. The writer of Days I am not pleased with at all. This is really the only show that I watch on TV and it has been a shocker! Young Ciara and Theo were born actors for this soap and now they are gone. (NOT PLEASED, NOT PLEASED). Write Ben off–ENTIRELY TOO MUCH WRONG DOING. Glad Clyde W. gone and get rid of Tony Dimera. Bo and Hope were made for each other; please rewrite. Please give Chad a break with Abby.

  4. Kathy Puccetti says

    Please keep Bo and Hope together
    It hasn’t been the same in the last 3 years. He is an intricate part of the story line. This is my second post. Everyone loves him and doesnt want to see Hope with Rafe. He sounds like he would stay. PLEASE KEEP HIM. PLEASE!

  5. Helen Etling says

    I wish Bo would have been cured. That would be a continued story line. It was great seeing him again and so disappointed in the writers would
    drop him from the story.

  6. Maryann says

    Been watching since day 1, I am through with this show they just ruined it. Goodbye Salem!

    1. carolyn says

      i watched days since day 1 also i used to watch it with my Mother i continued to watch it after her death , but i don’t think i will be watching it without bo and hope, they made the show interesting,bo gone i’m gone

  7. pam newman says

    I have watched DOOL since it first aired. Bo and Hope have always been my favorite,I was thrilled Bo came back I am beyond words he left the show forever.I am done DOOL……

  8. Dora says

    I was so diappointed that Bo was on the show for only two weeks. I started to watch the show when Bo came back, I wish they would keep him.

  9. marilyn brown says

    the show will never be the same without Bo Because he and Hope have always been together PLEASE do not take him off. I have watched Days Of Our Lives since the very first episode PLEASE do not take Bo off let the Dr. that helped his Mother help him.

  10. marilyn brown says

    Please do not take Bo off of the show

  11. Beverly says

    Keep Bo in the show! Hope and Bo together are a main feature

  12. Linda Hughes says

    I watched
    Days because of Bo and Hope! Now i have no reason to watch anymore. I grew up watching them. Dont seperate them .Keep Bo.

  13. Carole says

    Keep Bo on the show!!!!!! It hasn’t been the same show without him, I know so many people who have stopped watching because the show has changed so much, bring it back to how it use to be! Keep Bo and patch on the show

  14. Fran says

    I can’t believe that Bo’s time on the show was so limited this time. Why did you bring him back if you were going to kill him off so fast. What a let down this is to the viewers. I have been watching for over 30 years and watched Bo and Hope grow up on this show. This was a real disappointment to the viewers.

  15. judi says

    so put him in coma, don’t toss him out again. kayla the tumor could go into remission. so do it.

  16. Patricia says

    Sometimes Days of our lives is boring I loose interest now who will Hope end up with now RAFE of course !!!!!!

  17. sandy says

    why would you bring Bo back then kill him off? He needs to stay! I stopped watching for awhile this summer the story lines sucked, I thought bringing back the old crew was a great move. We NEED Bo his character needs to be in the story Hope will never be same without him

  18. Kara Carpenter says

    I love Bo and Hope, what a joy to see them back together. I have been watching every day since he came back. Patch and Kayla are great too! The memories they are playing are heartwarming. I will stop watching if they really kill Bo off again, it will never be the same!

  19. Marie says

    Why is Bo really leaving? They can cure him .. The Brady are one of the main characters. Why don’t they film more scene out side like the old times? It makes it look fake – the old scene from the 70’s and early 80’s looked better ,had more action. I do hope they ( the writers & studios) Bring BO back .

  20. Susan. King says

    Please keep Bo on the show! Quit trying to match Hope up with Rafe!! I have watched days for 31
    Years and my First Grand Daughter is named after Hope
    He name is Kristen. I love Hope and this is so tragic
    With Bo dying I have cried all weekend!!

  21. Christine Conklin says

    I too have watched this show from the beginning and stayed with it for the Hope/Bo storyline as well as for Sammy. But you got rid of Bo and then Sammy and then Sammy came back and we get to see her now and then, and then Bo was gone (for far too long), and then came back and now he is gone again. What kind of a show is this that doesn’t care what the fans want? Bring Bo back, let him wake up, where instead of being dead, he has merely fainted. If he is gone again I am going to quit watching the show, because it just has not been the same without him.

    1. kelly says

      They don’t seeem to care what fans want

  22. Debbie says

    I stopped watching the show it became boring and too many new faces not interested in when I heard no was coming back I was so excited now that he is leaving so am i again

  23. Kathryn Thurber says

    Have watched this show since beginning. Stopped watching a few times when didn’t like story lines. Loved Bo and Patch returned and Sammy. cried so when Bo left yet again, will other two leave too? If they do I’m done.

  24. Kathy says

    How sad today! Please bring Bo back. I recently started watching DOOL again after several years because I heard that Bo and Hope were back together again. I can’t believe he died after a few weeks! Hope and Bo are my favorite !!! I am so disappointed! DOOL is not the same without Hope and Bo together! How can you do this to your loyal fans?

  25. Cindy says

    Watched from the beginning. I think Bo and Hope should of become Grandma and Grandpa Brady, and the whole show ended when they became the patriachs, like Grandma and Grandpa Horton. I’ve always thought that’s how it would end

  26. Sharon says

    Not right…. Bo needs to stay…. Going to stop watching!!!
    Bo and Hope give the audience something to look forward to in this big bad world….Faith that true love is possible.

  27. Kris says

    I have been watching DOOL since it began. I sluffed school to watch it. I only worked partime so I could be home to watch it. Bo and Hope have always been exciting to watch and when he left I was so upset, but I still never missed a show(even though it comes on at 1:00am here I never miss. But having Bo come back was exciting and I knew it would get better and now he’s gone again. Keep Bo you will make money in the long run.

  28. kelly says

    Probably won’t watch anymore of they get rid of bo for good😕

  29. Mary says

    I love DOOL, so happy that Bo is back finally, now to seeing them kill Bo off is heartbreaking. Hope and Bo
    Belong with Bo forever together, Seeing the
    family together the kids, Shaun Douglas
    missed them all. And of course patch with
    THEM CURE HIM, it will never be the same
    Watching for as long as I could remember

  30. SpareMoment says

    I started watching when I was pregnant with my daughter. She was 44 this year. Rarely missing an episode thanks to BetaMax then VHS and now DVR! The excitement & passion generated by Bo & Hope compares to no others. Gorgeous, playful, sexy, entertaining, educational storylines at times. When Bo left I wasn’t sure I could continue to watch but I did because I had grown to enjoy Sam & EJ a great deal then you kill him off. Now you bring Bo back only to tease us with what might have been? Well I’m glad you got rid of Aiden. He was a tiresome waste of airspace. And I will be equally glad to give up lines now written for Ben. But killing off Bo — a very bad decision for a 50th anniversary time period. I don’t think Grand would approve. All in all I still expect I will still tune in to see what’s hot in Salem. It’s a habit I can’t break now there isn’t a patch.

  31. Toni says

    I have watched DOL since it began. Bo Brady has always been one of my favorite characters, and he and Hope’s love story is beautiful. I have not watched the show much at all in the past 3 years. Too many “kids” up to no good and lousy storylines. Now you bring back Bo, Steve, Shawn Douglas, etc. and you turn right around and kill Bo off! Not acceptable at all. We all know that his father, Victor can get him the best doctors in the world and eventually save him. Would make for a good story line…if you would listen to your fans. I know I am not the only one sick of the young, screwed up bunch you have attempted to give meaningful story lines to, to no avail! Bo and Hope forever! They should grow old together just like Tom and Alice and Julie and Doug.

  32. Michell says

    How unfair to kill off a popular character like Bo Brady, when Stefano DeMeara keeps coming back from the dead! Let’s hope that sometime in the future Bo can be brought back! I will watch and continue to hope that Bo is somehow revived in the future.

  33. Carol Jarrell says

    I have watched Days for 50 years, and am so disappointed that Bo is being taken off the show. My daughter and her friends stayed home from school to watch Bo and Hope’s wedding . Big mistake to end their love story . Young and old alike have loved watching the days of Bo and Hope’s life.

  34. Kathy Hansen says

    Answer one question, why did you kill off Bo? I’ve been watching from the very beginning. Good you got rid of Aiden, & hope Ben isn’t far behind. Also throw in Andre, he’s more wicked then Stefeno.

  35. Darleen Gellhaus Inman says

    I am very upset about Bo leaving. I have been watching the show since I was 4 with my Mom. Then when I was a teen I would cut school in time to watch it. I can’t believe he would be cut off the show. ((PLEASE RECONSIDER)). My Sister & I met Robert Kelly when he was in Ky.

  36. Charlotte Ezell says

    Why bring Bo back just to kill him off. Please keep Bo!!!!

  37. wanda says

    I am about to tell my age. When I was almost 8 years old, I remember sitting in the living room with my grandmother watching Days 1st year. We watched it daily. I have grown up with days. I don’t even know how many vhs tapes I had recording days while I was either in school or work. I want Bo to continue to play in the sandbox forever I realize he has a real life outside of days. Bo and Hope has always been my favorite couple. He has always been the best actor for Bo that Days has ever had. Didn’t like him with Billi. To the writers of this show please pay him whatever he wants and keep him on the show. We love Bo and Hope. Please let him wake up on Monday’s episode and have Victor get a doc in there to save him. Please Bo don’t leave us, Hope needs you. Your both a team.

  38. Mary Kilzer says

    I understand having to cut cost and get rid of people but with Bo being permanently dead I have a feeling that after watching days for 30 yrs of my 42 I won’t be watching it much more. I will miss it. It has been such a big part of my life.

  39. Rae says

    Peter Reckell has always been a favorite! I grew up with Bo & Hope, all of the Hortons! Whenever Bo & Hope came back to the show I always watched, their chemistry has always been off the chart. So sad the writing has deteriorated over the years. From the elder Hortons, Doug & Julie, Jack & Jennifer, Kala & Patch and Bo & Hope, the world around us has changed to much. So sad the day of the happy ending, the days of having at least one couple to look up to, the days of people making it work no matter what! Have been replaced by a world of unforgiveness, violence and death! Unfortunately things change, and not always for the better. My love of Bo & Hope will stay in my heart… As the writers first brought them together. Now, as for many others, my love of daytime has expired. The sands of the hourglass have emptied, thanks for the memories. Disappointed they didn’t play Bo & Hopes song one last time… I got it off of Pandora though!

  40. veronica potopowicz says

    I LOVE DAYS….You will be so truly missed Bo….Everytime i see Hope or the rest of the family you will always be thought of…..I myself can not believe you are gone, but you do have your own personal life and you do what you do…be a HERO……I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful years you have giving me on the show….Thank You….I want to wish you the best of luck and Best Wishes to your future & your Family….Days has to and should keep your memory alive….
    When you came on…You made Days really soar…and now that your gone…..No one could ever, never ever replace you…the other Hero i see was and is…. patch.. I’m glad he is back..I will still keep watching Days….

  41. Teri says

    Keep Bo on the show PLEASE. Most of your recent storylines have bordered on the ridiculous. With this one of hope & bo you have a proven winner. Why throw it away? Writers’ egos aren’t worth losing much of your remaining viewers to. Are they?

  42. Linda Rasmussen says

    Was sooo happy Bo came back and now to leave again. Ratings dropped I am sure when gay guys were on. Hope and Bo made ratings sky rocket. You need to bring him back. Been watching for years and stopped daily when gay people were on. We old timers don’t want to see that stuff. We love the lovely couple….Bo and his sweetie hope. Bring him back some how.

  43. Marie says

    I’ve been watching since almost day one and really was very excited when Bo came back, but to tease us with another and final comeback is just so cruel
    the show hasn’t been the same since his departure and coming back kept me watching I was about ready to give up on this soap so many scenes or pointless to watch such as Ben. Why not keep Bo what is wrong with the writers on this show do you not care about what the fans want to see. Won’t be watching anymore episodes.

  44. Liza says

    Please keep Bo on! It is so unfair to Hope to have to deal with Bo too. I don’t like it at all!

  45. Rochelle says

    If writers decide not to listen to fans especially when so passionate,like with Bo, put cancellation back on the table down the road

  46. karen says

    I think it was wrong to kill off Bo. I have watched for 40 years I was not happy when Bo was gone. I always knew he would come back. But to kill him off. I have decided not to watch DOOL. Goodbye Bo.

  47. Delia Martinez says

    I don’t like that you’ll took bo off no more DOOL for me peace off please bring him back okay.

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