‘Days Of Our Lives’ Interview: Peter Reckell Discusses Bo Brady’s Heartbreaking Return To ‘DOOL’

'Days Of Our Lives' Interview: Peter Reckell Discusses Bo Brady's Heartbreaking Return To 'DOOL' When ‘Days Of Our Lives’ spoilers first confirmed that Peter Reckell was returning to ‘DOOL’ as Bo Brady, fans of the NBC soap opera were thrilled to have him back on the canvas.  Little did they know, Bo Brady’s return to Salem and Hope would be brief – and downright heartbreaking. After being kidnapped, rescued, and diagnosed with a brain tumor – Peter Reckell’s iconic character Bo Brady is killed off once again, and it looks like for good this time.

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For the ‘Days Of Our Lives’ 50th Anniversary celebrating, the cast members of the NBC soap opera sat down for interviews to discuss their current storylines on the daytime drama.  Reckell dished in a recent interview about how much fun was having bringing Bo back to Salem, and expressed that he was unhappy his return was so brief and he was being written back out of the daytime drama.

Reckell dished, “The thing i am so proud of with these writers, especially right now is that they have been able to do that cost-savings and still have a story that is so engaging.  It’s making it a little difficult for me to leave.  I’m like ‘Hey this is fun!’  You know, i am back in the sandbox and I want to play some more.”

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You can check out the full interview below, and everything Peter Reckell has to say about his heartbreaking return and exit from ‘Days Of Our Lives.’  Are you as sad to see Bo Brady leave as we are?  What did you think of his emotional exit with Hope Brady in the park? (If you missed it, you can watch his final episode right here).  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Lupita dominguez says

    Without Bo and Hope your Days is getting Bored! Bring Bo back do not kill him off please.

    1. kim schroeder says


  2. Cassie says

    I do not like the idea of Bo leaving the show.. I’ve always enjoyed watching Bo and Hope. I don’t want to see him leave the show won’t be the same without him

  3. trish says

    need to bring Bo back Days wont be the same with out him .

  4. kelley says

    I always thought that bo and hope would be the knew Tim and Alice. I am so sad!

  5. sandra says

    Im done watching DOOL. Been watching it for 40 yrs. Without, No and Hope, it’s nothing. So, I’m not watching it no more

  6. patsy nelson says

    I’m very upset with the new writers, why bring Boo back just to kill him off. I have watched this show for over 40 years, but I will not watch anymore, I bet your rates drop now bad.

    1. Celeste says

      I totally agree…why bring him back to kill him off….especially since they killed Hope’s new love interest Aiden…what a dumb story line making Aiden kill Hope for Stefano. Whole storyline is just dumb. Please bring back Sami and EJ. No one good on the canvas now. Liking A Martinez with Eve…maybe bring them a good storyline because the show is getting stale.

  7. Joanne says

    I am so sad Bo has to leave for good. He & Hope were supposed to fill the shoes of Dr & Mrs. Horton. I have shed so many tears my eyes burn. Can he come back like Stefano does? Please say yes.

    1. Cherron says

      Daggum it all to heck bring Bo Brady back this is pure bull crap writing if your any good at writing write Bo

  8. patricia says

    actually he died in Hope Jennings arms ..

  9. Gloria says

    I too was excited that Bo was back. After all that he went through
    and have him die was too much! I have been watching this ever
    since it started and now am disgusted how the story is going.
    The program won’t be the same!!!

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