‘Days Of Our Lives’ Interview: Peter Reckell Discusses Bo Brady’s Heartbreaking Return To ‘DOOL’

'Days Of Our Lives' Interview: Peter Reckell Discusses Bo Brady's Heartbreaking Return To 'DOOL' When ‘Days Of Our Lives’ spoilers first confirmed that Peter Reckell was returning to ‘DOOL’ as Bo Brady, fans of the NBC soap opera were thrilled to have him back on the canvas.  Little did they know, Bo Brady’s return to Salem and Hope would be brief – and downright heartbreaking. After being kidnapped, rescued, and diagnosed with a brain tumor – Peter Reckell’s iconic character Bo Brady is killed off once again, and it looks like for good this time.

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For the ‘Days Of Our Lives’ 50th Anniversary celebrating, the cast members of the NBC soap opera sat down for interviews to discuss their current storylines on the daytime drama.  Reckell dished in a recent interview about how much fun was having bringing Bo back to Salem, and expressed that he was unhappy his return was so brief and he was being written back out of the daytime drama.

Reckell dished, “The thing i am so proud of with these writers, especially right now is that they have been able to do that cost-savings and still have a story that is so engaging.  It’s making it a little difficult for me to leave.  I’m like ‘Hey this is fun!’  You know, i am back in the sandbox and I want to play some more.”

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You can check out the full interview below, and everything Peter Reckell has to say about his heartbreaking return and exit from ‘Days Of Our Lives.’  Are you as sad to see Bo Brady leave as we are?  What did you think of his emotional exit with Hope Brady in the park? (If you missed it, you can watch his final episode right here).  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Joanne says

    I was so excited yous’e brought Bo back I was ecstatic, have been waiting for years for this, and now this, heartbreaking beyond words, cannot believe this, It’s always Bo and Hope that’s just the way it is😭

    1. Sharon says

      loved having Bo back but to have him die so suddenly after coming back was just heartbreaking! Was hoping that Daniel could of done a miracle surgery to prolong his stay!!

    2. teresa says

      I love love Bo and Hope together again don’t kill him off Bo and Hope make the show that why I QUIT WATCHING THE SHOW because Bo and Hope left show . That would be sad they made the show .

  2. sue evans says

    they didnt kill Bo off, he died of his brain tumor, we were hoping he could have stayed at least till after Christmas or at least after the 50th anniversary but i guess they changed their minds, they should have kept him until March like he was supposed to, he is an awesome actor and i really hated to see him go, him and Hope had a love that endured so much, its so heartbreaking and so sad how it ended but id rather it end like it did and he wasnt killed off by someone, i loved how he died in Hopes arms but im so glad they got to spend some time together in the end, he never got to say goodbye to his kids or the rest of the family which i wish he wouldve done but they will all have happy memories of him, GOD Bless Peter and hope his wishes to spend alot of time to spend with his family are given, i wish him well and will miss seeing him on DOOL, you will never be forgotten by all your fans, i have watch Days for alot of years and always love him and Hope together, farewell my friend

    1. Brittany says

      He was never staying until March. He signed a 13 wk contract, that’s it.

      1. Nancy Fawks says

        he was on the show 2 weeks not 13. That would have made more sense to have this tumor thing done over a 13 week period.

      2. Lisa says

        I just think he’s being in salem for only 3 days was a little much. At least a week or two wouldve made a bit more appealing. I want Peter to sign another contract and only be blacked out right now. That would be possible he did black out with Sean Douglas also.

    2. linda says

      I am through wit DOOL!! The death of Bo just did it in for me!

  3. mary frances wojehowski says

    Please keep him on show!!!!! finally wanted to watch it again.. enough with the stories about the younger kids… please… Keep Bo on and watch Soap operas come back to life again.. Looking forward to Bo going on a case again with Patch.. Seeing brotherhood between friends.. Please… Bo’s character has brought life to regulars.. Please.. only can say… Losing interest if his character goes… so sorry to see another loss to soap operas .. please

    1. E says

      Please, please bring Bo back. I’ve watched since they were originally married so many years ago. I NEED to see them live happily ever after. It just can’t be over 🙁 I cried and cried, the ending was the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time, dying in Hope’s arms, I can’t bear it!!! We want Bo, We want Bo, We want Bo. Make him miraculously come back to life as these soap operas do so well, PLEASE!!!!! My heart is broken….;(

  4. Sibyl Hurst says

    Please leave Bo on, This show will not be the same w/o him.. it was so sad watching him die in Hope’s arms.. PLEASE RECONSIDER LEAVING HIM ON THE SHOW…

    1. Patricia Townsend says

      Yes please consider keeping Bo Brady on Days of our Lives. I have watched this show for so many years. The love between Hope and Bo is so special. I don’t know if the show will be the same without him and Hope together.

  5. Fran Griffin says

    Please tell me BO’s not dead…maybe he just passed out again. Please writers, bring BO back to Days!

      1. linda clark says

        why would you bring Bo back just to kill him off again it don’t make sence ,I have watched the show from day one .why not kill Stepheno ,Tony,or Andre or what ever hes calling his self Bo makes the show worth watching ,lts you believe theres such a thing called true love like Bo and Hope have GIVE US BACK OUR BO

    1. Johanna Galiyano says

      they need to reconsider Bo, from leaving the show you will have a lot of more viewers watching Bo and Hope again, and Steve aka Patch, Taking Bo off the show is a big mistake, now that we have him back and loosing him again is heartbreaking for all. Please consider something for him to stay

  6. Janelaine says

    i was so enjoying the story line with his return. Watched Days forever and it was so nice to have a positive love story for a change. They killed off Will, EJ, now Bo and Dr. Dan soon. How much cost savings do they need? He’s an integral part of the entire show. I think it’ll be a mistake that he’s gone.

  7. Mary says

    I wasn’t watching DOOL way back 30 years ago when Bo and Hope met – fell in love – married, but I have been watching it for the past 10 years. I’m so very glad he came back from his “mission” and was able to tell everyone what he was doing and why he didn’t come back. To respond to what Sue Evans said, he didn’t say the words “good bye” to his kids and family, but his surprise “welcome home” party had a lot of emotion and talking to everyone. I think it’s almost better that those people remember the good memories and stories told at that party than to remember a sad “good-bye.” The actor and writers accomplished a better ending this way than to have him never come back and leave everyone wondering what happened. Speaking of “what happened,” what happened to Aiden’s body, was there a funeral, did Chase get to say good-bye?? Also, I was so HAPPY to see Clyde leave, but it was strange that Kate never said anything about his abrupt departure with a good-bye. They had been lovers for quite a while, but nothing about how she felt about his sudden leaving. I hope Andre gets killed off VERY SOON!!!! I hate him! Last but not least, I am so sick of hearing John talk in a “whisper.” I wish someone would please stop that – it is sooooo annoying!!! It comes and goes, but that “whisper” sounds soooo fake. The stories are so awesome, and I really enjoy the new characters. I wish there were some way to “re-introduce” them to we viewers who did not know them long ago. Wish Dr. Dan would stay, but will be glad to see Evil Eve go!! Can hardly wait to see how the story line between Dan and Nicole works out. Poor Nicole, she finally gets a good man and he ups and leaves!! Nicole and Eric again – Eric seems to be going to the dogs!

  8. Marie Cox says

    I have been watching Days of our Lives for 50 years. I do not like the way Bo and Hope
    came to an end- it’s not fair after all this time ” he was gone . This was a wrong way to do, all
    the fans…..

  9. Jean Brogan says

    I hate that the character of Bo didn’t stay until the 50th reunion. How could you have a celebration without Peter Reckell? I just hope now, that Rafe & Hope will get together some time, not too far off. He’s loved her for a while and is a good man.


  10. Lisa howell says

    Just so upset. I have been watching no and hope since I was a teenager and have been a fan of days all my life . They finally have them back together and now they kill him off oh Lord so mad now they kill him off etc are they thinking.

  11. Carol Anderson says

    I do n otbelieve Bo is gone I know the character will be brought back perhaps Hope is in a coma after Aiden tried to kill her and its all a dream with Bo sitting by her side waiting for her to wake or Bo comes back to find Hope happily married to Aiden and Bo fights to get her back come on Days you can do better than to kill Bob off I refuse to believe t he character is dead and for that matter neither is the Aiden character and what about the baby Hope is going to have Bo’s baby or Aiden’s baby. And just for the record after Bo beat the crap out of Aiden why didn’t he call 911 like I yelled at the tv for him to do heck I was about to call 911 myself Whatever the outcome I wish Peter well and we will miss him as Bo! Love you all you guys do a great jobI’ve been watching since Julie killed her boyfriend but lets not talk about age its only a number Happy 50th Days!



  13. Phyllis Deaver says

    I have wacth Days of our lives a long time I was in high school went I started watching. I love seeing Bo and Hope everyday afternoon school .and know I DVR it very day . Please leave Bo on the show. Don’t take he off the show I enjoy watching him and hope he a good actor and he good for the show seeing him and patch back is great love them.

  14. ps says

    I am so sad – grew up with Bo & Hope when they were young… watched them all these years. show not the same when they are not on, together. No matter who they put Hope with – it will not be Bo. BIG mistake kiling him off this way…. to sad and makes me too mad. I will probably not watch it anymore once they are done with Bo for good. the show was always all about Bo -Hope… There is so much they can do – Steve and Him could have stories along with him and Hope. Rafe is good but he will NEVER BE BO…… bad chose DOOL… you will lose many viewers along with Bo.

  15. Jan Dobbins says

    I was so disappointed when I watched Friday’s episode of Days Of Our Lives. I was happy when you brought Bo Brady back, but to have him pass away before he had been back for any time to make it worth watching. I say bring Bo back! That’s Peter Reckell. Things haven’t been right without him and Hope together.

    1. shea says

      So sad seeing BO Die. Done watching days of our Lives..You got rid of Of all the favorites why don’t you get rid of John or Marlena There roles are completely boring..Abigail and chatter about the only thing left worth watching I’m sure you’ll do something to get rid of them too..

  16. Nina Riggins says

    With all due respect, what is wrong with you people!!!!! What a big mistake taking Peter (Bo) off the show yet again. Don’t mess with a good thing. When Bo and Steve came back, I felt like all my friends were together again. Please, please reconsider this story line and use your talents to bring him back, somehow. Stefano was brought back more than once and after all Bo and Steve are victims of the Phoenix! Thank you

  17. billie says

    I have watched this show for years and this episode had me literally sobbing. I have cried all week. It was like losing a good friend. Will miss bo

  18. Nancy Olson says

    I’ve watched my whole life, well, ever since I was first married, 48 years ago. Watched Julie Olson, Banning, Anderson, etc grow up. Was delighted to watch Hope and Bo all this time as they grew up and had their own family. I cried all afternoon, didn’t think Bo would be gone so fast, it’s hard to watch. But, I will watch next week and cry some more! Unless he just passed out from the pain…tell me that’s what it is?!!!!

  19. Robin says

    I hope they reconsider letting Bo die. He would certainly help keep the show alive. I am enjoying seeing the old cast mates back on this month and thought finally they have the right writers again. Rafe is not the love for Hope, I always liked him with Sami!

  20. Marilyn says

    I can’t believe you brought Bo back just to have him die.. He is so good on the show and he and Hope belong together. Please don’t let him be Dead!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Rebecca says

    The older fans don’t want to see the young kids they want to see the characters that they have seen for years and have made this soap opera one worth watching. Bo and Hope are a couple that should always be together. Bringing Bo back and killing him off so quickly without him saying goodbye to all his loved ones doesn’t make this long time fan happy.

  22. Nancy Fawks says

    Frankly I thought the whole thing was a bit stupid. Hope gets married, Hope’s new husband tries to kill her. Bo saves that day once again, brain tumor and all. In less then 24 hours Hope marries becomes a widow, has sex with 2 men and loses the love of her life. So I guess you could say becomes a widow again in less than 24 hours. I am not sure what the bizarre motivation for this was. It just seems to me that it could have been over a longer period of time. It really could have been done better. Sorry

  23. Christy says

    I will stop watching Days Of Our Lives because Bo and Hope is the only reason that I watched it.

  24. Mrs.Morris says

    I have watched days of our lives from the first episode I love all the original actors coming back please keep Bo Brady on the show….Please reconsider….

  25. Linda says

    PLEASE PLEASE KEEP BO!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T LET HIM GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to keep Bo And Patches…need the older characters back…too much young ones….

  26. Eileen Healy says

    I couldn’t believe he died today, so sad. I have watched this show for 33 years, and there is nobody for Hope but Bo. They just go together. Please don’t get rid of him!!!
    By the way, the interview with Peter Reckel wouldnt load. I really wanted to see it.
    Days is the BEST soap ever, only one Ive ever watched.

  27. Linda Smith says

    Tell me it isn’t true…..Loved watching Days knowing Bo was back….How could u do that….????? WE LOVE BO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Linda says

    Saddest thing I’ve seen on Days, and I’ve been watching since the very beginning. Peter Reckell brings so many good things to the show – why not make this a passing-out scene instead of a death scene? If this is really a cost-cutting move, it’s a classic case of “penny wise, pound foolish.”

  29. lisa taylor says

    How can you kill off Bo? There are so many lesser characters who mean nothing to the show. Get rid of them. We have waited along time for Bo to come back. I hate what you are doing!!!!!!

  30. JUDY BARROW says

    Please keep Bo on the show and let Bo and Hope live happily ever after. I have been watching this show for over forty years, and I love seeing all the older characters come back…Doug and Julie are great,but Bo and Hope Make the show.

  31. Carol says

    I have to say that it was like a shot in the arm bringing Bo & Steve back. I felt life had come back into DOOL again, but now its become so sad again. Will Steve be leaving too?

  32. Charlette Casey says

    Seeing Bo gone is devastating to the show. I have watched him and Hope since they were first starting. I have watched DOOL since the day they started the show in 1965 hooked on it. Seeing all these people leaving is a downer for me and am losing interest especially with Bo gone now seems as the writers wants more young ones and leaving out the ones that were there all these years to be dumped is to me wrong.

  33. Bev says

    I remember watching Bo and Hope in the 80’s. I watched the episode today and cried like a baby. Very good writing and brilliant acting as always. I can’t believe the power couple of the 80’s is gone. 🙁

  34. lee says

    Bo and Hope was a love affair that transcend time and space. To bring him back only to kill him off is cruelty. If he dies I hope that Hope dies of a broken heart. To see so many deaths on the show I think after watching for over 40 years I will stop.

    1. Candy says

      Stop playing with our heart strings keep Bo and Hope together they make the show it was getting boring while No was gone and now he has came back and made a BIG impact on the show now I don’t care if I see it everyday or not KEEP THEM PLEASE!!!

  35. Gloria Calta says

    I have been watching days since the very first episode I watched people come and go and for you to write Bo off of Days is just not the right thing to do that would be like writing Tom or Alice off he has been with the show for to many years and it would not be the same without him why did you bring him back and get days fans all excited to see him again to just write him off I would rather have left it like it was don’t you think you got rid of enough main actors what kind of show are you going to have with all these young kids I see no story line for them I am sorry but if Bo goes so do I,I will not watch it anymore the show will be dead to me guess after watching it for 50 years it is time for me to say good bye to your show besides the way the writers are going it wont be long before the show ends been watching it to long for you get rid of so many good people

  36. Tracy Thomas says

    I was thrilled when Bo came back to the show, he and Hope are the one thing I always loved about DOOL. For him to come back and then leave so shortly after is just a terrible thing for Hope, his family, Bo himself and the loyal fans. Let there be some miracle where he has just passed out and his tumor shrinks or Victor finds some doctor some where with some type of cure. DOOL won’t be the same without Bo and what will happen to Hope!!

  37. brenda zarbaugh says

    enjoy your life with your family. so sad to see y again. I’ve watched everyday since 1963.

  38. cindy morris says

    I was in TEAR,S.. i couldnt stop crying… why are you taking Bo away .. let them be together again.. this is AWFUL…..

  39. Diana says

    I know it’s the 50th Anniversary of the show as I turned 50 as well. Love watching Days of Our Lives every day! When I heard Bo was coming back, I was hoping it was for good. Bo and Hope’s characters are such an awesome example of what true love is all about. They just can’t live without one another. Why would you tease us fans in bringing Bo back on just for a short period of time knowing how so many fans love him on the show, always fighting to get back to his Fancy-Face? He comes back, all of Salem is thrilled and then a huge let down, having Bo die so his character could never have a chance to return. I know in the past DOOL has brought characters back to life somehow, but from a brain tumor, that is way too hard to do. Bo was an integral part of this soap opera. I’m sure so many fans came back after finding out Bo was returning. I’m sure it was Peter’s decision to only stay on for a short period of time, but if the producers of DOOL would offer him more money to stay, he just might! Money talks! So disappointed to see him die off for good!!! 🙁

  40. Colleen says

    sucks! Wait for Bo & Hope r
    eunion – now don’t care if show goes off air

  41. Sharo marshall says

    Very very sad, bo and hope made that show for many years. I have been watching since 1975. I just don’t think that your teens are going to make this show worth watching, they don’t seem to have it, not like the old ones. I know when Isabella died I cried for three days, probably will over bo too.

  42. Mindy Reed says

    I was so happy to see so many return from the old “days” that I began to enjoy watching the show again. I only wish Peter was willing to return full time so that a contract could have been executed. I never expected him to die however. Figured Victor would come through with another expert doctor who could operate and once again the love story between Bo and Hope would continue. Time to stop watching.

  43. Mindy Reed says

    I was so happy to see so many return from the old “days” that I began to enjoy watching the show again. I only wish Peter was willing to return full time so that a contract could have been executed. I never expected him to die however. Figured Victor would come through with another expert doctor who could operate and once again the love story between Bo and Hope would continue. Time to stop watching.

  44. Kathy Puccetti says

    I have been watching days since I was a little girl. When my grandma passed away all I could think about was sands through the hour glass theses are the days of our lives. I am looking for an hour glass to put on my mantel. Both and Hope remind me of my husband and i. A good girl who was able to tame a bad boy with her love. If he is able to stay please please keep him on. You don’t realize how much you miss someone until you see them again
    When I started working after raising my kids I was so happy I could watch it on soap net. Then they took it off. Days is the highlight of my day
    I could watch it hours on end. It’s like seeing old friends. Please keep Peter Reckle. Let them grow old together like Tom and Alice. Let’s have a happy ending. I was so happy when he came back and so disappointed when he left. Days is and will always be like the old neighborhood and I am growing old with them. I just turned 55 in August.

  45. Rita says

    I agree with everybody, WHY did you bring Bo back just to have him die?? It was so nice to have a happy story line for a change instead of all the drama. The Good Ole Day’s always had some happy story lines, but it doesn’t seem like it at all anymore. Have been watching Day’s for the 50 years, but am really getting tired of this same old thing. You couldn’t just leave Bo and Hope to live happily ever after???!!!!

  46. Judi M says

    I’ve watched DOOL since it started,,,,,now I’m ready to quit!!! You killed off EJ and Daniel is leaving and you bring Bo back to kill him off…….YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Diana Brown says

    Sad!!!!! I use to skip school and watch the show in the early 70’s. PLEASE BO STAY!!!!!!!

  48. Sue says

    I have watched Days for years but quit about six months ago. The story line and characters are not good. Obviously, the writers have a brain tumor themselves to bring Bo back to die. Best thing to do is quit watching and then there is no show since the writers don’t care about what the fans think. If they don’t bring Bo back, Days of Our Lives will NOT make it to 51 years – no way!!

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