The Valley: Jesse Lally, Kristen Doute No Longer Talking

Following an explosive group dinner on The Valley, it has been revealed that Jesse Lally and Kristen Doute are still on the outs, having not spoken since that uncomfortable scene.

The Valley – Jesse Lally & Kristen Doute’s Rift Explained

As Valley fans will recall, the drama all started after Kristen was accused of calling Michelle Lally (Jesse’s now ex wife) a racist and a republican.

It was also alleged that Kristen promised to keep secrets for Michelle and that she has her back. Michelle in turn shared during the episode that she doesn’t need Kristen to protect her.

The Valley: Jesse Lally, Kristen Doute No Longer TalkingEverything spiraled out of control with Luke, Kristen’s boyfriend stepping in front of a very angry Jesse as Kristen made her way down a hall, crying as she left the dinner behind.

Now months later after wrapping filming, Jesse Lally has revealed in a recent interview with US Weekly that it has been difficult to lose a longtime friend.

The Valley – Jesse & Kristen’s Long History

“Kristen and I were friends for a very long time,” Jesse shared about he and Kristen’s relationship. “I remember when Jax first started working at SUR — Kristen probably won’t remember — but I used to go there and I remember sitting at the table where they counted tips and having drinks with everybody.”

Lally went on to add, “We had a good relationship and we haven’t spoken since. We haven’t spoken at all. And Luke and I are cordial — mostly talking about stuff related to the show,” Jesse continued. “But yeah, I mean, it’s sad. You hate to lose friends.”

The Valley Reunion

With a reunion for season one of The Valley still up in the air as a lot happened over the course of the season it appears a possible reconciliation between Jesse and Kristen may be a long time coming.

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