Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Accused Of Using ‘Religious Guilt’ To Keep Show & Wives’ Money

Kody Brown of Sister Wives fame has made some controversial choices over the years. When he decided to relocate his large family to Flagstaff, it seemed as if everything fell apart shortly after; his family completely fell apart and Kody eventually ended up losing three out of his four wives.

As such, financial issues have arisen since the splits and some users on Reddit have speculated that Brown could’ve made some questionable moves when it came to his wives’ money and the reality TV show.

“Sister Wives”: Kody Brown Hasn’t Been Fair With All Four Wives In The Past

Many fans have believed that a big part of the rift in the family was Kody Brown’s favoritism towards Robyn.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Accused Of Using ‘Religious Guilt’ To Keep Show & Wives’ MoneyMakes sense, after all, she is the last wife that has remained married to Brown. Robyn and Kody live a very different lifestyle as compared to the other wives and love to go shopping.

Last season, Sister Wives profiled the couple’s extravagant purchases, while the other wives were struggling with finances.

This has caused some Redditors to believe that Brown manipulated money from his three ex-wives.

“Sister Wives” – Did Kody Brown Use Religious Guilt?

Some fans hopped on Reddit to talk about what exactly tore the mega family apart.

While theories ranged from the reality TV show itself to the family’s move and more, one Redditor, Master-Dimension 452, speculated that it was Kody’s use of “religious guilt”, by saying: “Kody tore apart the Browns, hands down. There is no negotiation about it. Kody only loved Robyn, and he flaunted it.

The other wives had a first-row seat to the difference in treatment. Kody moved the family out of the religious cult area, opening everyone’s eyes to what actual healthy relationships look like. Kody is greedy and used religious guilt to keep the women and show as long as he could. He loves money.

Kody couldn’t hide the contempt and hatred for the OG3 forever. I bet he jumped for joy when the pandemic hit and he could use that as an excuse not to see the OG3.”

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