My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What Happened To Julian Valentine After His Weight Loss Journey

My 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that after seeing Julian Valentine on the show, fans are curious as to what happened to him after he appeared on the show. He sought Dr. Now’s help when his health truly began to suffer. He was featured in Season 10 on Episode 2 and he gained a lot of fans from his short time on the show. Let’s find out what happened to Julian after the show.

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers – Julian Valentine’s Weight Loss Journey

When Julian appeared on My 600-Lb Life, he told Dr. Now that his entire life depended on food. He found it very hard to slow down on his eating habits. The only way that he could get through his problems was through his eating.

His ex-wife did practically everything for him. She would bathe and shower him and feed him. With all of this going on in his life, Julian wanted to take control of his own life again.

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What Happened To Julian Valentine After His Weight Loss JourneyJulian worked hard to lose weight to qualify for weight loss surgery. He ended up losing around 300 pounds and when he appeared on a reunion episode, he had gotten a brand new, salaried job that had benefits and he was dating a new woman. It appears that his life has gotten much better since he appeared on My 600-Lb Life.

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers – Julian Valetine’s Update

When Julian first appeared on My 600-Lb Life, he weighed 714 pounds and was desperate to get help from Dr. Now. His story was a pretty heartbreaking one.

Even on his way to meet Dr. Now for the first time, an axle on his trailer broke and he and his wife had to leave all of their belongings on the road.

This wasn’t the best way for his time on the show to start, but he stayed positive and worked hard on getting his weight under control.

Sometime between his appearance on the show and the reunion, he and his ex-wife split. He is with another woman who has appeared on TikTok with him.

There were rumors that he was the one who left his ex, but he opened up on social media telling his fans that she left him due to reasons of her own. Julian has undergone a huge transformation and it looks as if he is happier than ever.

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