Robyn Brown Used Purity To Seduce Kody?

In an ironic twist, Robyn Brown used purity culture to seduce her husband Kody Brown. The show has had its share of cringy moments. Fans recall a speech that Robyn shared when she was courting him. Did she use religious teaching to lock him down? Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Robyn Brown Delivers Purity Speech

Robyn Brown is Kody Brown’s sole wife. At the start of their relationship, she figured out a way to win him over. It was Robyn’s dream to be part of a plural family. She connected with Kody during their courtship.

The reality star relied on purity culture to blow up his head. Robyn talked about the agony she had about not saving herself for him. This occurred during Season 6 of Sister Wives.

Robyn Brown Used Purity To Seduce Kody?Fans recalled this awkward moment. Robyn stood in front of the family and revealed how her ex-husband David Jessop “stole” her purity.

She shared that declaration in front of her three children, Dayon, Breanna, and Aurora. Robyn Brown said she regretted not saving herself for Kody Brown.

She looked at him and said he was “the right man” for her. Robyn wished she could share “the most ultimate gift” with him on their wedding night.

Robyn handed Kody a symbol of her love. It was a lock that signified her purity. She won him over with her heartfelt and emotional story. He thanked her for sharing her true feelings with him. This only stroked his ego.

Kody regarded himself as the “priest” of the family. This made Robyn seduce him with her purity vow. She cemented her place in the family.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Star Erases Her Past

Robyn Brown erased her past in that moment. This could harm her children. But she did it for the sake of her relationship with Kody.

Robyn revealed in her confessional that she moved to Montana at 19. She became “rebellious” as she fell away from her faith.

She attended a church where she met her ex-husband, David Jessop. Robyn recalled that he only wanted one thing from her. She was willing to get pregnant for him.

She called her first pregnancy the “biggest mistake of her life.” There were times when Robyn would look at her son with sadness.

Robyn Brown attempted to rewrite history to heal. She wanted to integrate herself into Kody Brown’s life.

Her message on purity made Kody feel like he was the biological father of her three children. The couple legally married, so he could legally adopt them.

What are your thoughts on Robyn Brown using her purity to seduce Kody Brown? Do you agree this is what locked them down? Sound off below in the comment section.

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