Sister Wives: Heartbroken Meri Brown Goes Crawling Back To Kody And Robin?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is heartbroken over her split from her new boyfriend Amos Andrews, despite the fact that there was dozens of red flags and reasons to never go public with him.  Now, Meri’s friends and family fear that she may go crawling back to Kody Brown and Robyn after this hit to her ego.

Meri Brown couldn’t wait to show off her new man Amos Andrews, and rub her new relationship in Kody Brown’s face.  After watching Christine Brown’s Cinderella story and nuptials with David Woolley, Meri thought she was on the same path.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown And Amos Andrews Split

But, unlike Christine and David‘s relationship, Amos and Meri crashed and burned before they barely got off the ground.

Sister Wives: Heartbroken Meri Brown Goes Crawling Back To Kody And Robin?Sister Wives viewers know that Meri was devastated when she realized her marriage to Kody Brown was really over and they were never, ever getting back together.  But, that didn’t stop Kody and Robyn Brown from joking that Meri could stay and live in their garage.

Kody didn’t want to be with Meri on Sister Wives, but he never really wanted her to leave him either for obvious financial reasons. 

Kody and Robyn offering to let Meri stay in the family and giving her a garage to sleep in was degrading and embarrassing.  But, after her latest break-up, is Meri actually considering returning to the Brown Family?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Is Meri Brown Talking To Kody BrownAgain?

Rumor has it Meri Brown may actually be entertaining the idea, and her friends are mortified that she is giving Kody and Robyn the time of day after everything they did and said to her. 

In Meri’s defense, it’s hard to make it out here as a single woman.  Sharing Kody with Robyn may be the best option for her financially right now.

Do you think her Amos Andrews split could make Meri spiral and start pining over Kody Brown again? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more TLC Sister Wives news and updates.

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