GH Spoilers: Bobbie’s Legacy Brings Someone New To Town

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Bobbie Spencer (Jaclyn Zeman) may be gone, but she is far from forgotten.

As we saw in the days following her death, her family was clued in on what Bobbie had been up to in Amsterdam — helping to rescue women who had been weaponized and made victims of human trafficking.

Now, rumor has it someone is headed to town soon who will have a past connection to Bobbie. Are we going to see more of BJ Jones disguised as a journalist named Brighton (Brighton Hertford)?

It’s not likely, since everyone has already figured out who she was and where she hailed from. So who might be on their way to meet Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) at Bobbie’s soon — and what will they ask of her?

General Hospital Spoilers: Bobbie's Legacy Brings Someone New To Town

General Hospital Spoilers — Is a New Customer in Town?

Rumor has it the “new” customer to Bobbie’s could be something of a rather old customer of Kelly’s. But it’s also possible that this newcomer to Port Charles might be interested in more than just a BLT.

Could they be scoping out prime waterfront real estate, and might they have learned that Carly has recently left the diner she put so much of herself into to now revamp Crimson magazine?

From real estate developers to drug lords looking for more property, it’s possible that this newcomer is looking for Carly to make her an offer on the place. She’d never — right?

GH Spoilers – Hint They May Be Connected To Luke Spencer

It’s also possible that the new person in town might have connections to Carly’s family. Fans have been aching to see Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) return to town, and some are even holding out hope that he and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) rekindle their age-old romance. Sorry, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)!

The connection to Carly’s uncle, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) might tie in far better with Bobbie’s legacy, especially if what we suspect — that Bobbie had learned Luke was alive — is actually true.

General Hospital Spoilers — They Could Be A New Love Interest For Carly Spencer

Of course, there are other changes in the mix for Carly ahead. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is coming back to town.

He could be the newcomer, but we sure hope not. Otherwise, that might mean his appearance and identity have changed once again. Say it ain’t so!

On the other hand, if Jason has been out there all of this time suffering with even more brain damage from the collapse of the cave, it’s possible that Bobbie’s diner sparked some kind of memory for him that leads him straight back to Carly’s door.

Will she miss him when he stopped by if she’s stuck at Crimson playing the role of a fashion maven? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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