GH Spoilers Friday, May 10: Ava’s Investigation, Jagger’s Confrontation, Sonny’s Proposition

GH Spoilers Friday, May 10: Ava’s Investigation, Jagger’s Confrontation, Sonny’s PropositionGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates for Friday, May 10 tease investigations, confrontations and a proposition.

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Ava Jerome (Maura West) continues with her investigation, John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) has a confrontation and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has a proposition.

Ava’s Investigation

Ava continues her investigation into Sonny’s meds as she sits with someone in an office at the hospital.

She tells them she thought she’d talk to the expert, pill bottle in hand. Ava may be talking to the head of the pharmacy department at GH since his pills seem to come from the hospital pharmacy.

Even though Ava and Sonny seem to have had a major falling out, she has to think his horrid response to her has something to do with his meds being wrong.

Hate it as she might, she’s got experience from the past seeing what tampering with bipolar meds can do!

Jagger’s Confrontation

It looks like Jagger’s in Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) office as he confronts Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) about Carly Spencer (Laura Wright).

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Jagger got a call that she was at Pentonville Prison visiting Jack Brennan (Charles Mesure). Jagger says it’s in both our best interests to find out-presumably, find out why she was there.

Carly had gone to visit thinking Brennan’s obvious strong attraction to her was a tool she could use to find out who’s heading up Pikeman. That way perhaps Jagger’s stranglehold on Jason would be released.

Flirty Competition

Elsewhere, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) encounter each other in the park running.

A little flirty competition begins as she challenges him to a race, and he’ll take her up on it only if he gets a head start. They both look like they’ve been running for a bit already, and they let the race begin.

They haven’t talked about the winner’s prize, but maybe the prize will be their making up. Joss hardly can say she’s staying broken up because Dex is working for Sonny!

Dante Falconeri’s Conversation

Straight from talking to Jason when she thought Danny Morgan (Asher Antonyzyn) was missing, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is now with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).

She couldn’t believe it when Jason told her he couldn’t contact loved ones and “stayed dead” two years because he was a FBI informant, forced into it.

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She just found out Sonny and Jason were having nothing to do with each other as well, and that was confusing.

Now, talking to Dante about what Jason revealed, he tells her if Jason’s working on that case, Sonny would consider that betrayal.

Sonny’s Proposition

At the Metro Court, Sonny sits with Natalia Rogers-Ramirez (Eva La Rue) who’s been trying to score an invite to the Quartermaine-Chase wedding.

Sonny just turned down Ava, explaining that those in attendance would remember she killed Olivia Quartermaine’s (Lisa LoCicero) cousin Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan).

Natalia had a conversation with her daughter Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) earlier, although it got a bit testy-she deemed it important to be there because Blaze was invited.

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Sonny will have a proposition for Natalia-likely asking her to accompany him to the wedding.

That will be very awkward for Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) because Natalia doesn’t like the way she’s managing Blaze’s career!

The Meeting About Carly Continues

Back at Anna’s office, the meeting about Carly continues, and Anna’s not happy she went to see Brennan!

Anna tells Jason that Carly just made their job exponentially harder-Brennan likely suspected Carly was trying to get information for Jason!

Brennan’s not stupid, he knows Jason is working with the FBI and they’re trying to take down Pikeman.

If Anna couldn’t get information she needed from Brennan, knowing him many years, what made Carly, a civilian, think that she could?

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