GH Spoilers: Adam Huss Talks Maura West, Nicholas Chavez, And Being A Taylor Swift Fan

General Hospital Spoilers: General Hospital Spoilers: Adam Huss About His Latest GH Return, Maura West, Nicholas Chavez, And Being A Taylor Swift FanGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates reveal Adam Huss, GH’s Nikolas Cassadine, recently had an interview with Michael Fairman.

Here’s what he had to say about his latest return, Maura West, Nikolas Chavez and being a “Swiftie”!

General Hospital Spoilers – Surprise Appearance With A Surprise Prison Visitor

This week, fans of General Hospital got a pleasant surprise when Adam Huss made a comeback as Nikolas Cassadine while behind bars in Pentonville.

Adding to the excitement was the unexpected appearance of his ex, Ava Jerome (Maura West)!

Ava revealed to Nikolas, who is powerless to intervene, that she is growing closer to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and gaining access to his inner circle, much to Nikolas’ dismay.

Despite facing personal challenges, Huss managed to pull off a compelling performance during these intense scenes.

He shared on his social media accounts that his beloved grandmother passed away during the time that he filmed those scenes.

GH Spoilers – Adam Huss’s Grand Adventure As The Cassadine Prince

Adam has embarked on quite an extraordinary journey as GH’s enigmatic prince of the Cassadine clan.

Initially stepping in for Marcus Coloma’s Nikolas on a few occasions over the years, he eventually assumed the role full-time, playing a pivotal part in propelling the storyline forward.

Despite not always physically present on the canvas, Adam has managed to infuse his own unique touch into the character of Nikolas, delivering exceptional performances that leave a lasting impact.

Whether it’s scenes with Nicholas Chavez (Spencer Cassadine), Maura West, Genie Francis (Laura Spencer), or Joey and Jay Clay who portray Baby Ace Prince-Cassadine, Adam’s portrayal of Nikolas is truly remarkable.

General Hospital Spoilers – Michael Fairman’s Interview With Adam Huss

Adam, the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, has certainly had an incredible journey-in an exclusive interview with Michael Fairman TV, Adam shared his insights on various aspects of the show.

One of the topics discussed was Nikolas’ emotional state at present, which undoubtedly piqued the curiosity of fans, and intriguing hints about future storylines, leaving viewers eager for what’s to come.

He also expressed his admiration for his co-stars, highlighting the incredible talent they bring to the table.

Furthermore, Adam took a moment to reflect on the late Tyler Christopher’s portrayal of Nikolas, acknowledging the impact he had on the character.

There was even some playful banter about Taylor Swift thrown into the mix; dive into the interview below to discover Adam’s fascinating insights.

GH Spoilers – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

MICHAEL: Nikolas is like a never-ending surprise, always making a comeback on GH-just when you think he’s gone for good, he pops back up.

Take, for example, the recent April 29th episode where Ava visits him in prison. ADAM: I’ve truly grown to love portraying this character-I’ve mentioned before how passionate I am about it; the more I explore his backstory, the more I uncover different layers of personality.

Watching Tyler Christopher’s (ex-Nikolas) portrayal, who truly brought that character to life, only fuels my enthusiasm further-I have immense respect for this industry.

Being a fan of TV and film, I sometimes come into the story not knowing where Nikolas stands mentally, it’s great to have guidance once on set.

General Hospital Spoilers – Nikolas Cassadine’ Surprise Visit From Ava Jerome

MICHAEL: In the recent scenes with Maura West, it was clear that Nikolas still had feelings for Ava.

It was a pleasant surprise for me. ADAM: I have a great admiration for Maura and our bond grows stronger with each scene we share. When Ava visited Nikolas, I don’t think she expected the reaction she got from him.

There was a moment when she mentioned Sonny, and Nikolas seemed uneasy. But our director reminded me that Nikolas hadn’t seen Ava in months, so it was an exciting moment for him.

GH Spoilers – Nikolas Caasadine’ Surprise Visit, Continued

MICHAEL: Ava lays it all out for Nikolas, leaving him with the secret that the medication in Sonny’s pills is making him act strangely. She sort of spilled the beans to Nikolas about her plans and what’s really happening.

ADAM: Absolutely, she definitely spilled the beans-I believe she confided in him because she felt it was safe, and she knows he’s not going anywhere. MICHAEL:

However, Nikolas isn’t always the most trustworthy person either. ADAM: Absolutely, and he’s willing to go to any lengths to achieve his desires.

General Hospital Spoilers – Adam Huss’s Speculation About Ava Jerome And Sonny Corinthos

ADAM: This is all just speculation, but perhaps he used the information she confided in him to separate her from Sonny.

I believe Nikolas is afraid of seeing her get hurt and he’s thinking, “I can’t bear losing another person right now. I’ve already lost my newborn son.”

In addition to that, he’s also lost his son Spencer, whom he believes is no longer with him-so, just imagine the devastation of losing the love of his life.

Their recent interactions around New Year’s Eve clearly indicated that he still harbors deep feelings for her.

GH Spoilers – Adam Huss’s Opinions About His Co-Star Maura West

MICHAEL: So, what was your initial impression of Maura when you first met her, Adam? ADAM: Right from the start, she was incredibly kind to me-w had a screen test together, and in that moment, I really got to know her.

She was so warm and supportive, genuinely wanting me to succeed-then, when I filled in for Marcus Coloma for the first time, Maura and Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) were absolutely wonderful.

It was like they were saying, “You’re my scene partner today, you’re Nikolas today, let’s have a blast.” Every time I came to work, I received the same, if not more, trust, openness, and kindness.

General Hospital Spoilers – When Adam Huss’s Grandma Passed Away Maura Was So Supportive

ADAM: And then, as you know, my grandma passed away right before these recent scenes, and Maura was incredibly understanding about it.

We were rehearsing our lines, but she insisted on taking a moment to talk about it-I almost didn’t want to come to work.

All I wanted was to be at home, but Maura really helped me focus; it was something I needed to share with someone.

After we finished filming, she even called me to make sure I was doing okay-I told her, “You are truly a class act. Thank you so much.” I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to miss the funeral and still got to film at General Hospital, a show my grandma loved watching me on.

GH Spoilers – Working With Genie Francis

MICHAEL: Now-did you have any context when you started that your on-screen mother was Genie Francis (Laura)? ADAM: I did-in the nineties, when I was on Long Island in college and working as a DJ in the summers, I just remember seeing soap opera magazine covers.

I’d see that triangle between Nikolas, Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) so, I very much knew of the world that those people were part of.

I knew how big the Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura wedding was and all of that; I definitely knew the legacy I was coming into. When I read these sides for the role, I was like, “I think this is Nikolas Cassadine!”

General Hospital Spoilers – Working With Genie Francis, Continued

Later, when I was on the show, and doing scenes with Genie, where Laura was warning Nikolas about making up with Spencer, she said, “You’re doing wonderful work.” To hear that from her was a big sigh of relief for me-I love connecting with actors in the eyes.

I know when things are cooking when you almost feel like magnets in your eyes with another actor because you’re drawing that emotion through them.

The eyes are the windows of the soul, right? I felt that with Genie, Maura and Nicholas Chavez, too; you feel that magnet pull and it’s so beautiful.

GH Spoilers – Gut-Wrenching Scenes

MICHAEL: I can’t stop replaying those heart-wrenching scenes in my mind; the moment when Spencer hands baby Ace to Nikolas. The instant connection the baby had with you, and those scenes where Spencer expresses his love for Nikolas as a young boy and vice versa. ADAM:

Those three scenes you mentioned are truly the highlights of my experience shooting the show so far-they felt incredibly genuine to me. The moment Ace was placed in my arms, I couldn’t help but melt; it was so emotional just to hold him-and then, he really bonded with me.

His mother even mentioned that I reminded them of his father, and there was this undeniable energy between us; they’re such talented young actors and have such empathy.

General Hospital Spoilers – Working With The Clay Twins And Nicholas Alexander Chavez

ADAM: The moment when he rested his head on my chest was incredibly moving. In the scene with Nicholas, he wasn’t supposed to hand me Ace until the end, but as soon as we started filming, the baby reached out to me with a smile.

Nick just said, “Okay, here you go.” We had to improvise a bit, but it was absolutely amazing. MICHAEL: What about the emotional scene where Spencer expresses his deep connection to Nikolas?

ADAM: Nikolas approached Spencer with determination, ready to do whatever it takes to protect the baby-the dialogue was powerful, especially when Spencer declares, “You were my whole world” as a child.

I was captivated by the performances of Nicolas Bechtel and Tyler Christopher, noting the strong bond between their characters; the dynamic energy of Bechtel’s portrayal of Spencer left a lasting impression.

GH Spoilers – Adam Huss Is A Busy Actor, Here Are Just Some Irons In The Fire

MICHAEL: Wow, you’re always moving, aren’t you-I follow you on Instagram and it seems you’re constantly jumping from one town to another, working on horror films and other exciting projects.

 ADAM: It’s not just horror films, my friend, I like to mix things up; recently, I had the opportunity to work on a Hallmark movie as well. But let me tell you, I’m really thrilled about this indie film I did called Pieces of Lilo-it revolves around the story of an estranged father and son. In the movie, my character’s father falls ill and I find myself taking care of him-he passes away and during his burial, a flood of memories from the past overwhelms me.

It’s a powerful portrayal of trauma and how it shapes my character in the present day; I really had to fight for it, and I’m proud to say I got it.

General Hospital Spoilers – What Else Is Adam Huss Involved In?

ADAM: Oh, and guess what-next week, I’ll be heading off to Long Island to work on a romantic comedy called The Wedding Bell. MICHAEL: Are you involved in any other streaming soap operas similar to Melrose Place? ADAM: Absolutely!

Although I would have loved to be a part of the Melrose Place reboot, I did have the opportunity to work with Daphne Zuniga on a Lifetime movie.

She was absolutely amazing, and we’ve become good friends, so who knows what the future holds? The show I’m currently in is called The BLVD, and I’ve already finished filming my part, I play one of the clients of the PR firm.

GH Spoilers – Back To GH, And Nikolas Cassadine –

MICHAEL: Fans have really taken a liking to your portrayal of Nikolas, but stepping into the shoes of a well-known actor can be quite challenging. It’s tough for viewers to accept change, especially when it comes to recasts; how has it worked, navigating this transition from Tyler Christopher to Marcus Coloma to now you as Nikolas?

ADAM: I understand the struggle of being in the spotlight and dealing with both positive and negative feedback.

I acknowledge that not everyone will be pleased with my work, but I’m grateful for those who have shown support and appreciation. I remain humble and appreciative of the warm embrace I have received from fans.

General Hospital Spoilers – Adam Huss’s A Swiftie

ADAM: Initially, Taylor Swift’s repeated catchphrases used to irk me, I was like, “Come on, you’re selling millions of copies; embrace it.” Yet, the gradual shift in perception over time has been quite humbling, considering how harsh people can be; it truly does uplift me each time I hear it anew. MICHAEL: Speaking of Taylor Swift, are you a fan?

ADAM: Absolutely-while I didn’t manage to attend her concert, I really wanted to-however, after watching The Eras Tour on Disney Plus with my friend, I was left in awe. It was truly an incredible experience-I’m certain I’d be beaming with joy the entire three and a half hours if I‘d been there; so, yes, count me in as a fan.

GH Spoilers – Michael Cassadine Asks Adam Huss’s Opinion Of Taylor’s Latest Album

MICHAEL: Have you checked out Taylor’s latest album, Tortured Poets Department? ADAM: Oh, definitely, I’ve been immersed in it-there’s just so many tracks. MICHAEL: It’s a hefty album, it’s fascinating how Taylor Swift always manages to captivate us, isn’t it? ADAM: Absolutely.

I think it’s because she’s so genuine and open; despite the criticism she receives for her personal lyrics, it’s that raw emotion that draws us in. We can all relate to heartbreak and love, and that’s where she really connects with her audience.

General Hospital Spoilers – Looking Forward To When Nikolas CassadineIs Paroled

MICHAEL: It would be great to see Nikolas out of his prison uniform soon-once he’s released, where do you think he’ll go? ADAM: I don’t want him to go on the run, because that’s not why he went to prison; he went there to change himself.

So, for me, it’s a positive sign that maybe he’ll finally be free and have a chance at reforming-perhaps Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) can regain her law degree and help.

With Wyndemere gone, his fate is no longer in his hands, and this is the perfect time for him to start a new life and for us to witness different adventures.

Let’s see him rebuilding his family and finding love again-if it’s with Ava that would be wonderful; I always try to bring epic love story vibes when Nikolas is with Ava.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

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