Archie’s Godfather’s Reaction To Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Decision Not To Attend Wedding Revealed

Archie's Godfather's Reaction To Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Decision Not To Attend Wedding RevealedAfter what has been months of pure speculation, Harry and Meghan have announced that they do not intend to attend the wedding of the Duke of Westminster, who so happens to be the godfather of their first born child, Archie.

According to them, their presence would probably overshadow the event. Additionally, Harry wasn’t happy that his brother William got a more prominent role at the wedding than him.

Even though the Duke of Westminster has been said to wish that Harry would heal his rift with his family, he is said to have breathed a sigh of relief that Harry and Meghan won’t honor the save the date cards they received.

Ingrid Seward Says Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Made The Right Call Not RSVP’ing For The Duke Of Westminster’s Wedding

On June 7, the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, 33, will tie the knot with Olivia Henson, 31, at Chester Cathedral in what has been lauded as the “wedding of the year.”

Speaking on Harry and Meghan deciding not to fly over for the high profile event, Ingrid Seward told The Sun: “Harry and Meghan obviously probably have no intention of flying 5,000miles to go to a wedding. It’s the society wedding of the year when that society doesn’t want to know them – especially Meghan.”

She continued: “I should think I mean the last thing Meghan wanted to do was to fly to the UK – where she’s deeply unpopular – and be put on show, if you like, which she would be.”

She then praised them for considering the media storm that might have ensued should they attend. “To give them their credit, they knew that their presence there would actually deflect completely from the bride and groom, and that often happens when royalty go to a wedding.”

Hugh Grosvenor is a businessman who recently topped The Sunday Times 40 Under 40 Rich List for having a net worth of £10.1 billion. He proposed to his bride-to-be following a two-year romance. The wedding will be attended by an estimated 400 guests.

“If Harry comes without Meghan it would look a little odd, and if he comes with Meghan, they will steal the thunder,” Ingrid opined, adding, “So, in a way, I think the situation was resolved for them and I’m certain that Hugh Grosvenor is probably very relieved because it sort of solves the problem for him as well.”

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