Royal Expert Shares Opinion On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s “Secret Glee”

Royal Expert Shares Opinion On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's “Secret Glee”Since stepping down as senior working royals, Harry and Meghan Markle have been at odds with the Royal Family.

When ‘Spare’ was released, friends, insiders and unnamed sources said it rubbed Prince William the wrong way – and why wouldn’t it, it’s not fun to be called a “nemesis” by your only brother, now is it?

At the height of the whole ‘Spare’ controversy, Prince Harry even subtly hinted that he’s sitting on more lethal information and only withheld it from ‘Spare’ to spare their feelings.

Well, as William and Kate go through the darkest phase of their lives, Harry and Meghan seem to be keen on building their brands, in a way that’s been described as “rubbing salt in the wound.”

Royal Expert Says Prince Harry’s California Behavior Is “Appalling”

The Sussexes seem to have kicked their endeavors up a notch since King Charles and Princess Kate announced their cancer diagnosis, and many see it as being done in poor taste.

“Not only is there the pressure on William, but also the constant sniping from California,” royal author Tom Bower said. “I’m sure he’s furious with Harry, he’s behaved appalling.”

He opined: “Not only by the way he left England and exploited his royal connections but also his book – the things he said about the Waleses were so outrageous, rude, unfair and in my opinion, untrue. It’s a real struggle for the Waleses.”

Apart from ‘Spare’ and of course the interviews, Tom feels there’s a certain sense of triumph in the Sussex household now that they feel the health challenges in the Royal Family are giving them an edge.

“One just always feels like there may be some sort of secret glee in Montecito,” he said, further observing, “While they’re establishing this so-called brand Sussex, the family here is going through torment. After Charles’ diagnosis, Harry came over for half an hour and that’s it, he’s done nothing else.”

Tom added: “I can imagine that Kate and William are deeply upset by having the Sussexes’ brand operation rubbed in their face while they’re going through this tragedy.”

Personally, I doubt the Waleses get worked up about anything coming out of the Sussex camp.

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