Prince William Wants Prince George To Learn This Important Lesson Taught By Princess Diana

Prince William Wants Prince George To Learn This Important Lesson Taught By Princess DianaWhile we may not always approve of every technique our parents used in raising us, you gotta admit that there a few smart ones in there you want your children to learn and hold dear to their hearts.

This also applies to the Royal Family, and Prince William is reportedly keen on passing down some very important Princess Diana virtues to his children.

Prince George Football Outing Declared “A Much-needed Escape” By Royal Expert

January was a hard-hitting time for the Royals. First a prostate surgery for the King led to the discovery of cancer cells in his body, and then the Princess of Wales’ planned abdominal surgery turned into a cancer diagnosis as well.

Coupled with all of these health challenges, the media storm that took place at the time did not help matters.

But it was nice getting to see the dad of three enjoying the FA cup final match between Manchester City and Manchester United with his son, Prince George, 10.

“He’s a handsome little boy and clearly idolises his father,” BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond told OK! Magazine. “Outings like this must make the two of them even closer and they will provide a much-needed escape from the inevitable stress of home life when someone you love so much is being treated for cancer.”

Jennie then went on to observe that George’s behavior during public appearances in no way presents a full picture of the royal’s behavior.

“I’m sure that, behind the scenes, he and William have some rough and tumble, father-and-son fun,” she said. “And that’s the balance that William and Catherine are helping him find princely behaviour when required and normal 10-year-old antics the rest of the time.”

Prince William And Princess Kate Reportedly Adopted This Royal Strategy To Raise Their Children

Jennie Bond also noted the similarities between Prince William and Princess Kate’s hands-on parenting and the non-Royal method Princess Diana employed to raise her sons.

“The balance they’ve created is exactly the way Diana brought up her sons. She told me that she was determined that they would have a different outlook on life to other royal princes,” she said.

She added: “Diana organised play days and work days for them. Days when they could wear jeans and baseball caps, eat burgers and race around on go-karts like other kids of their age, and days when they would have to wear suits and ties and behave like princes. It was an important life lesson for William… and he is following Diana’s example with George and his siblings.”

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