What King Charles and Prince Andrew Have In Common Apart From Being Royals

What King Charles and Prince Andrew Have In Common Apart From Being RoyalsAccording to sources, the battle for Royal Lodge is creating an even bigger rift between brothers King Charles and Prince Andrew than the one that has so far existed between Prince William and Prince Harry.

With tensions exacerbating, fans are starting to see just how fragile their relationship must have always been due to their widely different habits.

Royal Expert Details the Ways King Charles And Prince Andrew Are Different

Being 12 years older than someone naturally means that sharing the same interests with them is very slim, and that’s just the amount of age gap that unfortunately – oh wait or is it fortunately – exists between Charles and younger sibling Andrew.

Based on how the brothers have tended to live their lives, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said, “They seem to have gone on as complete opposites, really, in so many ways.”
Fitzwilliams then noted that their age gap invariably played a role in the way they seem to have grown up to lead largely different lives.

Speaking on their more profound personalities, he said, “Charles is rather sort of intellectual, serious, sensitive. Andrew rather bumptious, outgoing.”

However, he did admit that Charles and Andrew do share some attributes in common, aside from being born royals. He said that they were, at some point during their youths, “considered amongst the most desirable males on the planet.”

In Prince William and Harry‘s case, the heir and spare issue tended to be the most determining factor in their rift, however in Andrew and Charles’ case, an impressive 30-room property in the name of Royal Lodge seems to be doing the deed.

Per Fitzwilliams’ observations, Charles and Andrew “got on reasonably well in the early years,” especially since there was a “long period” when they “conducted engagements together, and so forth.”

“Apparently Charles used to like to read to Andrew when he was very young,” he recalled.

In recent times, Charles is said to have started worrying about the kind of company Andrew kept. “Things culminating, obviously, with the disastrous interview on Newsnight, but I mean Andrew’s friendship with the deceased paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was the reason that he lost his job, and Charles must have been very concerned about the some of the company that his brother was keeping,” Fitzwilliams said.

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