Will Welcome To Plathville Season 5 Air Soon?

Welcome To PlathvilleWelcome To Plathville fans have been waiting impatiently for new episodes of the Plath Family to be released.  Welcome to Plathville Season 4 aired on TLC in 2022, the final episode featuring Ethan’s birthday in Jamaica aired on August 2, 2022.  Since then one member of the Plath Family has teased season 5, however neither TLC nor the rest of the cast has confirmed or denied the rumors of a return.

Welcome To Plathville introduced TLC viewers to Barry and Kim Plath and their brood of Southern homeschooled kids back in 2019.  What appeared to be another Duggar-esque TV show quickly was surrounded by controversy.  Most recently, Kim Plath shocked the internet by splitting from Barry and leaving her kids, then going on a joyride and getting a DUI.

Lydia Plath Teases New Welcome To Plathville Episodes

Several months ago Lydia Plath shared a pretty vague photo of her mother Kim on social media with a camera crew and confirmed they were filming new episodes.  However, the network never made any announcement regarding the series’ future.  And, it seems a bit strange that nearly 8 months has passed since the season 4 finale and there has been no word on new Welcome To Plathville episodes or a Season 5 premiere date.

It’s quite possible that the Plath Family is just too strained to crank out new episodes.  Between Kim and Barry’s drama, Moriah’s drama with her parents, and Ethan and Olivia’s complications, it’s quite possible the producers have had a tough time getting enough members of the Plath Family in one place to even let the cameras roll.

Will There Be Welcome To Plathville Season 5

Word on the internet is that Kim Plath has been iced out by all of her older children after her arrest and they have not spoken to her or seen her in months.

What do you think Plathville fans?  Are you hoping for new episodes or has TLC pulled the plug on Welcome To Plathville Season 5.  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Welcome To Plathville spoilers and updates.

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