What Sister Wives Fans Really Want To See About Kody & Robyn

Sister Wives rumors suggest that Kody and Robyn Brown might not get renewed for a new season of the TLC show. It might just be wishful thinking, but it got viewers discussing what they’d like to see in a massive last episode about the couple. Probably,  given the good ratings, they won’t be shuffled off to reality TV retirement. However, people had a lot of fun with the possibility.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Rumors Of No More Kody & Robyn Brown

Rumors that the end of the show loomed came after Christine Brown left Kody and moved to Utah. However, the execs claimed that there were many more stories to tell: Hence more of the adult children in Seasons 17 and 18.

Many people hoped for a spinoff for David Woolley and Christine. However, spinoffs don’t seem to be in the pipeline right now. While so many people claim they want spinoffs without Kody and Robyn, for most of them, the fun of hate-watching will go away.

What Sister Wives Fans Really Want To See About Kody & RobynSister Wives fans thought for definite, that show would end when they saw that Janelle also kicked Kody to the curb. However, she dithers around undecided about a permanent separation.

So ultimately, TLC could stretch that out over at least a couple of seasons. While most people understand that Kody and Robyn probably won’t leave yet, it is free to dream. So, they discussed watching a last big episode to clear up a few things.

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Fans Want To See About Kody & Robyn Brown

The rumor about Kody and Robyn Brown leaving the show came from TikTok, which is not exactly the most reliable source.

In the discussion which was started by u/pm_me_your_grumpycat on Reddit, a poster said, “I would love for TLC to offer them $50,000 for one singular episode to just show us what’s in the boxes.” In fact, it got a lot of upvotes, and other ideas in the replies. If you wonder what boxes, when the show pans around Robyn’s home, there’s a pile of them “in the bottom level.”

A Sister Wives viewer said that they’d like to find out “what [Robyn]  actually does all day. She doesn’t have a job, has a nanny for 2 school-aged kids, and cleaning doesn’t look like her forte.. so what does she do?” 

Meanwhile, another Redditor wondered about “…what the hell is in all of those pill bottles on the counter?”

Here’s another wishlist comment: “I want to see their bank accounts and phone texts.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Fans Never Want To See Again

Amongst the comments, someone talked about what they don’t want to see ever again. They wrote, “Would love to have a forest fire so they are forced to stop doing outdoor scenes.” Folks are sick and tired of Meri freezing in the cold and getting gaslit by Robyn Brown.

What would you like to see if TLC didn’t renew Kody and Robyn Brown for a full season of Sister Wives? Let us know in the comments below.

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