What Is The Significance Of The Poster For Sister Wives Season 18?

What Is The Significance Of The Poster For Sister Wives Season 18?Sister Wives fans got a trailer and poster for Season 18 of the show. Ahead of Season 17, a lot of chatter arrived as people took spoilers away from the poster that TLC put out. Is there any significance this season? Let’s take a look and see if it means anything more than seems obvious.

Sister Wives: The Rings On Last Season’s Poster

When Season 17 came along, TLC fans already knew that Christine was leaving him. Bear in mind, Season 16 was devoted to the lead-up to her departure. When the poster came out, it seemed uncertain as to how many rings were on the “I” in the middle of the show’s name. Some folks claimed they could see three. Meanwhile, others could only see two. The other ring, clearly presenting Christine had fallen off.

Sister Wives fans who thought they saw two rings, correctly predicted that Janelle Brown would leave. But almost nobody expected that Kody Brown would boot Meri. Those who saw three rings on the “I” believed that only Janelle might think about leaving. Anyway, this time around, there are the same unclear rings on the “I.” That indicates one or two of the women might return to Kody. Or, it might mean nothing at all.

Sister Wives: Body Language Is Telling In The Poster

Apart from the rings, the body language seems rather interesting. The glass on the picture frame of the wives with Kody is shattered. Maybe Christine threw hers at it. Interestingly, there’s a big thick V-shaped crack around the edges of Robyn and Kody. But each other wife sits in a dividing crack from both of them. Robyn looks at Kody adoringly, but he has his back to her and he faces Meri. Does that indicate truth to the rumor that he might try and take her back?

What Is The Significance of The Poster For Sister Wives Season 18
TLC Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

The trailer for Sister Wives Season 18 showed Meri still being hopeful that Kody would reconsider. So if he does, she might be there like a bear. Or not. Rumors suggest that she might be enjoying single life since she moved permanently to Parown in Utah.  Meanwhile, Robyn’s body is angled towards Janelle. Might she try and get Kody to convince Janelle to reconsider leaving him? After all, there have been rumors about that as well.

What Do You Think About The Clues?

Sister Wives fans love to speculate, so we’re pretty sure that you’d like to put out your ideas. Do you think the rings mean anything? What about Kody turned away from Robyn who looks at him adoringly? Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments below.,

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