Does Sister Wives Season 17 Hint Another Wife Left Kody?

Does Sister Wives Season 17 Hint Another Wife Left Kody?Sister Wives is officially renewed and it premieres on the 11th of September, 2022. So, it comes sooner than the predicted 2023 date. Unfortunately, the announcement on Instagram didn’t bring a teaser. However, some fans think that it hinted that another wife left Kody Brown. Well, that might fit in with current rumors, but then again, it might not. Read on to find out why.

Sister Wives Season 17 Will See Christine Brown Leave Kody

Plenty of rumors run around social media, that Robyn and Kody get a divorce. However, it seems unlikely, given that they were spotted dancing and singing at karaoke in Flagstaff. Additionally, TLC fans know that he clearly has a preference for Robyn’s family over the other wives. After all, Meri was dumped ages ago. Furthermore, it becomes apparent that Janelle and Kody seem more like friends than lovers. With Christine gone, where else could he be getting his sugar and spice?

Sister Wives fans went off Kody Brown big time in Season 16. Recall, that he withheld intimacy from Christine. While fans think she got lucky with that, she had rumpy-pumped with him for years. So, her decision to leave didn’t come easily. Rumors have it that in Season 17, fans will see her say something like “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.” – (Ozzie Man.) But the question rises about another wife making an exit. Actually, fans might hope that it’s Kody who leaves the field, but that’s not likely to happen.

Sister Wives Hints That Another Wife Leaves?

In the Instagram post by TLC about the premiere date, fans noticed something. Realitea Squad reposted it. Well, one follower noticed that on the poster, there seemed to be three rings. One had dropped to the floor and it looked like only two remained entwined around an “I” in the text. As Kody technically had four wives before Christine left, wouldn’t it make sense to have three rings in the screenshot, and one on the floor?

Does Sister Wives Season 17 Hint Another Wife Left Kody
TLC via Realitea Squad / Instagram

One Sister Wives fan wrote in the comments, “It’s the fallen ring for me! ? I love Christine!”

But another follower, king_cass_bro, noticed two remaining rings. So, they asked, “Are those only 2 rings I see. They do Mary so shady.”

Well, technically, Meri has left Kody’s bedroom and she hangs around like a third wheel on a bike. Plus, he divorced her years ago. So, it might relate to her. Of course, the inference could also mean that Janelle kicked him to the curb as well.

However, other fans said that they could see “three rings” on the “I,” even though it was difficult to make out.

Nope – Not A Hint – Perhaps

Sister Wives fans with bad eyes might still argue that only two rings exist on the “I.” But for now, it seems that it doesn’t hint that another wife left Kody Brown in Season 17. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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