GH Spoilers: Felicia And Lucy’s Plan Backfires, Felicia Arrested?

General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia And Lucy’s Plan Backfires, Felicia Arrested?General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) and Lucy Coe’s (Lynn Herring) Pine Valley plan will backfire when Felicia is arrested! Plus, Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) sees through Lucy and figures out her real identity!

General Hospital Spoilers: Dine And Dash?

Felicia and Lucy’s first try at distracting Jackson so Felicia could break into the file cabinets didn’t work, thanks to his intrepid secretary.

Lucy decided to ask for fancy coffee drinks from a coffee shop they saw nearby and so Felicia had a few minutes to snoop while the secretary went to get coffee.

The only problem was Felicia didn’t find anything in the cabinets she was able to open and figured the intel she needed was in a safe.

The secretary returns with the coffees, while Lucy confirms the restaurant date with Jackson. The new plan is for Felicia to break into his office while Lucy enjoys a nice dinner date with the lawyer.

GH Spoilers: Where Is Martin Grey Getting $50,000 A Month From?

The objective is to find out where Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) is getting the $50,000 a month from drawn on a bank in Pine Valley.

According to GH spoilers, Lucy doesn’t know if it’s alimony from an ex, blackmail payments, or what-but she’s upset that he makes excuses not to marry her.

She doesn’t know now if she can trust him or not because of that, they have been together for over year with nary a mention of Pine Valley.

So while Lucy’s on her dinner date with Jackson, Felicia breaks into his office and starts trying to break into the safe to see if any file on Martin Grey is there.

Jackson soon finds himself being reminded of his ex-wife Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) by Lucy, and realizes who she is-she’s not “Mrs. Martin” she’s Lucy Coe, head of Deception Cosmetics.

General Hospital Spoilers: Turning Tables And Being Scammed

When Jackson realizes who Lucy is he thinks she might be trying to use him to get information on Erica, and realizes her “sister” is probably a private detective.

He isn’t upset but two know how to play that scam game and he’s one of them, and engages in a cat and mouse game with Lucy.

He just lets her bury herself a little bit and in the meantime, cops show up at his office and arrest Felicia who by this time is probably cracking the safe.

By the end of the evening, both Lucy and Felicia are in handcuffs and make a call to someone back in Port Charles who they hope can help them. Until then, they’re in the Pine Valley jail waiting for help!

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