Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: New Season Teases New Man For Kim Plath

Welcome to Plathville spoilers reveal that the new season is coming and fans are so happy to hear about it!

The new trailer dropped this week and fans cannot contain themselves. This new trailer has fans on the edge of their seats and it looks as if there have been a lot of changes since the last time we saw the Plaths.

One thing is for sure, Kim Plath, has started to date again and we will meet her new man this season. Let’s find out more.

Welcome To Plathville

The Plath Family Struggles

In this season, we will see Moriah Plath and her brother, Ethan Plath on edge. Olivia Plath, his wife, has been stirring up some drama with the family and Moriah tells her family, “She was using a made-up story to validate her big emotions.”

She then tells the cameras that Olivia claimed that Kim “used Ethan’s credit card and was stealing from Ethan.”

When Olivia got back from her trip to Europe none of the other family members would speak to her and it seems as if there is a lot of tension in the family these days.

Ethan feels as if his family is falling apart and he doesn’t know what to do to help out the situation.

Micah Plath, who is in California, has expressed his feelings about how bitter he is about his parents getting divorced.

He tells his mother, “I always thought you and Dad were, like, perfect together.” He feels as if he has been walking on eggshells with everyone in the family these days too.

Who Is Kim Plath Dating?

After Kim and Barry Plath announced that they were getting a divorce, their family was shocked.

They thought that they would be together forever, but clearly things did not work out the way everyone expected.

In one scene, Kim’s friend accuses her of “keeping secrets” and that is when we see Kim on a date with a mystery man.

As they are talking and holding hands, she asks him, “Would you call me your girlfriend?”

He tells her, “Definitely.” Kim opens up about this man and explains that he “definitely gives me the warm fuzzies.”

While Kim is dating, Barry is changing his life too. In fact, he has started to work out and he loves the feeling of pumping iron. He is ready to be buff and big!

The new season of Welcome to Plathville looks as if it will be pretty intense. There are a lot of secrets in this family and they are all about to come out!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Welcome to Plathville right now.

Come back here often for Welcome to Plathville spoilers, news, and updates.

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