Welcome To Plathville Season 5 Preview Reactions

Welcome To Plathville Season 5 premieres on September 5 and as expected the family’s a mess. Central to the ugliness, once again, is Olivia, the wife of Ethan. Meanwhile, Moriah has a lot of emotional problems, and Ethan’s just about done with everyone. After the sneak peek, TLC fans reacted to what promises to be a trainwreck of a season.

Welcome To Plathville – Ethan And Olivia Plath

People have been discussing Ethan and Olivia for a while now. On her social media, she seems to travel a lot. Notably, she always did, as she is a photographer. But these days, she travels overseasons on vacations without her husband. Well, the new season preview revealed that they are still married: Barely. Nobody in the family likes her and nobody talks to her. At the core of it was the comment last season where she alleged Kim misused MIcah’s credit card.

Welcome To Plathville fans saw that Micah, who still does his modeling career in California is fed up with the whole situation. He’s very much on his dad’s side since the divorce. So, he encourages his father to get fit and live his life sans Kim. Meanwhile, Kim hooked up with Isaac’s flight instructor, which is old news to social media followers. Nobody’s talking about her DUI,

Welcome To Plathville

Welcome To Plathville  – Moriah Plath The Reverse Rebel

Of all the kids, Moriah seems the most pitiable one. Remember, she left home the rebel and went to have a blast. However, she and Max split and she seemed unhappy ever since then. In real life, she seems to struggle a lot with her mental health.

Anyway, she decided that the best way it back to God. So, she got herself baptized by her father. Some people might argue that it was religion that took the whole family into a nightmare in the first place, and a return to it might not be the answer.

Welcome To Plathville Season 5 Preview Reactions
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Welcome To Plathville Fans who saw Tuff Topic break down the new season’s preview, commented. One of them wrote on YouTube, “I can only imagine what the… kids are going through. The older ones were able to leave the house and see the real world for themselves. The younger kids unfortunately had to witness Kim doing all of the things that her and Barry were so set against. Their world must have felt like it really fell apart.”

Welcome To Plathville – More Reactions

A Welcome To Plathville fans seemed very much against Kim Plath. They opined, “Can’t stand Kim and never have. The family would be better off if she just disappeared. She raised them to be crippled in society and I can see why they are all struggling. The husband was a yes man and very naive. Terrible way to raise competent adults.”

What are your thoughts? Is Ethan right when he describes the whole situation as “a big old mess?” Sound off in the comments below.

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