Welcome To Plathville Fans Obsessed With Moriah’s Tattoos

Welcome To Plathville fans knew from the get-go that Moriah Plath was thought of as the rebel in the family. So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that she got some amazing tattoos done. TLC fans who saw them this week were obsessed with them.

Welcome To Plathville Season 5 Spoilers – About Moriah Plath

Teasers already dropped for Season 5 of the TLC show and it looks like a complete trainwreck. Ethan and Oliva go through marital problems again. Meanwhile, Micah is upset with his dad being divorced. So, he encourages him to work out and get a new life since Kim left. Meanwhile, Kim is busy starting a new relationship with Isaac’s flight instructor, and Moriah seems to be very unhappy.

Welcome To Plathville spoilers revealed that since her split from Max, Moriah turned back to the church for solace. In fact. TLC fans will see her dad baptize her. However, they will also see her new tattoo that says, “Rebel.” Quite how she reconciles a tattoo with God is not clear yet. Well, this week, she revealed some tattoos and folks are going crazy for them.

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Moriah Plath Flaunts Her Tattoos

On August 17, Moriah posted up two photos on her Instagram profile page. She wore a graceful red dress with a billowing skirt. On her ears, dangled two big earrings, and her makeup was done to perfection with bright red lipstick. While followers agreed that she looked stunning, others just couldn’t take their eyes off her amazing tattoos that they could clearly see.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Obsessed With Moriah's Tattoos
Moriah Jasper Plath / Instagram

In her caption, the Welcome To Plathville star wrote, “There are 2 places in your heart that you will search everywhere to fill. One of them is a void only filled when you finally learn to love yourself. And the other is filled when you accept the fact that you are deeply loved, unconditionally!”

Welcome To Plathville – Obsessed Fans Talk About The Tattoos

One Welcome To Plathville fan wrote, “I’m OBSESSED with the tattoos ? LOOKIN BEAUTIFUL GIRL✨?.”

Meanwhile, another follower said, “Girl! Those tats are ? and that outfit is triple ???!”

More admiration followed: “Wow The Tattoos are amazing.”

Some people talked about other aspects that they saw in the photos and some of them claim that the TLC star looks ‘sad.” Meanwhile, others talked about God and how they feel she should find her way back to him. But for sure, it was the tattoos that people seemed to like the most.

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