Sister Wives: Tony Padron Updates On His Fitness Journey

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Updates On His Fitness JourneyTony Padron is well-known but initially, he wasn’t well loved by fans of the TLC show “Sister Wives,” when he married Mykelti Brown. Unfortunately, as Tony rose to fame he was met with body shaming by followers for his larger than average physique. However, it seems Tony has taken control of his fitness levels and has embarked on an epic weight loss journey.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Hits The Gym

Tony proposed to TLC celeb Mykelti Brown in 2016. The wedding was aired as a special when the couple married later that year. Interestingly, it seems Tony and Mykelti’s father, Kody Brown, do not see eye to eye, You might recall Kody was bitterly complaining that he had to pay for their wedding. Anyway, these days, Kody’s son-in-law got a lot of kudos for actually being a keeper and a great dad.

Tony appeared in Sister Wives in season 17. As Mykelti fell pregnant with their twins, and they saw him cringe for her in a discussion with Kody and Robyn, folks like him a lot more. Recall, that came when Kody tried to get her to rat out her mom, Christine Brown. It seems that since Tony has become a father of three, his popularity amongst fans has risen. Furthermore, fans seem to support Tony’s dislike of Kody Brown. Now that he hit the gym, more folks support him.

Tony Padron started His ‘Glow Up’ In September 2022

Recently, Tony took to Instagram to post an update on his fitness journey. He sweetly thanked his wife for watching the children so that he could “get sweaty.” Tony shared that he has already lost 30lbs and that he is grateful for his gym buddies. The post was met with over 1k likes and fans couldn’t be more supportive. Fans reacted to his photo by posting words of encouragement.

Sister Wives Tony Padron Updates On His Fitness Journey
Tony Padron / Instagram

@mrsmegan05 commented “30lbs! That’s awesome! Having supporters in your corner makes a huge difference. Awesome job and continued luck [and] success!”

Meanwhile, another Sister Wives follower, @alysonrenwick, wrote, “Congratulations on your loss…I love that you are getting healthy for these beautiful babies you both have! Stick with it…you’ll thank yourself for the rest of you life! ❤️??.”

Fans Appreciate Tony For Thanking His Wife

Many Sister Wives fans also showed appreciation for Tony thanking Mykelti in his post. One fan commented “I love that you thanked your wife for watching your kids while you go to the gym. I unfortunately see so many men who just assume it’s the woman’s job and wouldn’t thank them for doing more of their share. Good for you.”

Do you think Tony will stick this out and see his fitness journey through? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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