Sister Wives: Robyn Brown’s Attempt At Image Rebranding Doesn’t Sit Well With Fans

You can call Kody Brown’s last and only wife standing Robyn Brown anything. You can call her anything at all but the one thing you cannot call Robyn is shy. The word ‘shy’ and Robyn don’t go hand in hand. Shockingly, that’s the latest image Kody is trying to project to the fans of “Sister Wives” about Robyn.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Praises Robyn Brown

In the past, Kody has openly showered Robyn praises by saying she’s loyal to a fault, obedient, and the best thing that ever happened to him but he has never used the word shy to describe Robyn’s personality until recently.

This latest attempt to rebrand Robyn’s image as a shy person is failing woefully because fans of the show are not buying it.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown's Attempt At Image Rebranding Doesn't Sit Well With Fans

Of course, that’s because most of them have sat through all 17 seasons of the TLC show including this ongoing season 18, and have had to watch Robyn speak ill about her now ex-sister wives boldly and with great confidence.

Robyn who has now become the proverbial husband snatcher for successfully overthrowing Kody’s ex-wives, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown from being her sister wives, once took out time in one of her confessionals to body shame all three by calling the fat and ugly. If that is the words of a shy person then being shy has to be redefined.

Sister Wives Spoilers — Reactions From Fans At Robyn Brown’s Unreasonable Attempt At Image Rebranding

Taking the matter to Reddit, an angry fan wrote, “Nobody is falling for this BS, right? Robyn has been really subdued lately and on Kody’s latest cameo she played this really weird and awkward shy role. And on the latest podcast Kody describes her as shy.”

The poster went on to add, “You can’t just retcon 18 seasons of a show. Never, ever had that woman come off as shy. Manipulative and narcissistic? Sure. Fake victim mentality? Of course. But not shy.”

Other critics took to the comments section to air their grievances about it. Someone wrote, “She has never been ‘shy’ about stating and getting what she wants. Despite C and M thinking she should not be in the wives’ rotation before she married Kody she had no problem pushing back and making and argument for her case to get what she wanted.”

The same commenter added, “I thought her comment to Christine’s aunt during the panel on polygamy was unnecessarily smart ass. She continually spoke up as the ‘expert’ on plural marriage. Even though the OG3 had spent nearly 20 years with Kody before she came on the scene she was brazen enough to ‘explain him’ to them. I can think of other ways she spoke up trying to ‘mother’ the teenagers according to her values. Inserting herself in the gift exchange email is not the act of somebody who is ‘shy’.”

Someone else jumped under the comment to support the first commenter with, “Exactly. I think they want us to confuse her overemotional demeanor as shy. But that’s two different things. And how is someone who has been in the public eye for years suddenly too shy to say two words on a paid cameo to a fan? I would have asked for my money back.”

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