Sister Wives: Kody Gaslights Ex Wives, Manipulates Robyn

Sister Wives spoilers hint that Kody Brown seeks to manipulate his only remaining wife Robyn Brown by hiding his true nature from her. But the Sister Wives patriarch reveals just enough to get viewers concerned. 

Find out what Kody shared that could mean danger for Robyn. And keep reading to discover what how the Sister Wives patriarch also gaslights his ex-wives. Plus: Find out why some viewers think Robyn actually has become the real power behind the polygamy throne.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Hides Truth From Robyn

Kody Brown shocks in the Sister Wives One On One episode spoilers via Soap Dirt. And fans expressed concern on Sister Wives message boards and social media over Kody’s stunning revelation about his behavior. Because Kody admitted that he wants to conceal his true nature from Robyn, fans wondered what else the Sister Wives patriarch might want to hide.

Sister Wives: Kody Gaslights Ex Wives, Manipulates RobynKody has become known for his selfish and even narcissistic ways. But beyond coming across as a classic narcissist, the Sister Wives patriarch now appears like a true bully toward his wives and even his children. And viewers felt shocked to hear Kody open up about what he hid.

However, the Sister Wives patriarch has developed a pattern of coming up with alibis for his actions. But his confession about hiding his inner secrets from his last remaining wife didn’t come with any type of excuse.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Does Kody Brown Seem Capable Of Love?

Meanwhile, Kody has made it clear that he can never love a woman besides Robyn. And fans  felt shocked because of the impact on the children of his other wives. But Christine Brown summed it up by proclaiming that Kody and Robyn deserve one another.

However, Kody also clearly indulges in gas-lighting behavior. Because he repeatedly put down his other wives, knowing that they would hear what he said, the Sister Wives patriarch did his best to make Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown feel bad about themselves. As a result, Kody came across as not caring about the children whom he shares with his ex-wives.

However, Kody also appears angry at Christine’s new husband David Woolley. And the Sister Wives patriarch believes that Christine has manipulated her stories about what happened to make Kody come off as as the villain. But some fans point to that as more evidence of the Sister Wives’ patriarch’s narcissism. 

And spoilers also reveal Robyn interrupting Kody to attempt to share her views of their future. She appears anxious about what her hubby says to Meri while the cameras film. And that anxiety has caused a new fan theory. Some viewers suspect that Robyn actually has become the puppet master, manipulating Kody to gaslight his ex-wives. 

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Kody Brown aims to gaslight his ex-wives? And do you believe that Robyn seems in danger from Kody? Or is she the real power behind the polygamy throne? After you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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