Is Glenn Thore Moving To Alabama In Favor Of New Family?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers suggest that Glenn Thore may be ready to pack up and start a new life now that his wife, Babs Thore, has died. Glenn raised his children, Whitney Thore and Hunter Thore with their mother. Now Glenn has found his long-lost daughter Angie, who was adopted years ago. Is Glenn ready to move to Alabama to be with his new family?

Whitney Thore – Has Become Overly Pushy

Glenn got very upset on their trip to Switzerland because of the way Whitney was treating him. Fans have even called out Hunter to protect his father from Whitney’s overbearing ways.

Fans feel that Whitney has taken over Glenn’s bucket list instead of allowing him to choose what he wants to do that he had never done before.

Is Glenn Thore Moving To Alabama In Favor Of New Family?

Glenn is growing closer and closer to his daughter Angie and Whitney seems to be bothered by that as well. After all, Angie talked Glenn into getting a tattoo, which he said he would never do.

Whitney was very upset when Glenn agreed to do this and began calling Angie the favorite daughter. However, the tattoo was Angie’s idea.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers – Glenn Thore Loves His New Family

Not only does Glenn have his daughter that he wants to get to know, but Angie also has three children, Glenn’s only grandchildren, and his great-granddaughter as well.

Now that Glenn is retired and doesn’t have Babs to look after, he feels it might be time to move to Alabama. However, Glenn just dropped this on his family out of the blue.

Whitney is obviously shocked by her father even suggesting this. Glenn has always been in North Carolina and Babs hasn’t been gone that long is Whitney ready to lose her father as well?

Will Glenn pack up and move to Alabama now that Babs is gone so he can be close to Angie and her family? Would moving help Glenn deal with losing Babs better than staying where they spent their lives together?

MBFFL Spoilers – Glenn Thore’s Children Are Shocked

Whitney and Hunter are certainly shocked by Glenn even considering this. However, Whitney has talked about Glenn being depressed and spending too much time at the cemetery.

Whitney also doesn’t like her father spending a lot of time in his room either. Glenn needs to deal with his depression and this may be the only way he knows to do it.

This could certainly cause a rift between Glen’s children Whitney and Hunter may have hard feelings against Angie because they feel like she is taking their dad.

However, Angie was adopted and has spent her whole life away from Glenn. Does Angie and her family not have the right to get to know Glenn without the rest of the family? Will Glenn return to North Carolina soon?

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