Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Nephew Explains More About The Polygamy World

Sister Wives fans liked following Paedon Brown on TikTok because he dished some interesting info, but did you know that he has a cousin who’s on the platform? Actually, the cousin is Kody’s nephew and he explains a lot about the world of polygamy.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Paedon Brown Dissed Kody On TikTok

For a long time, Christin’s only son had nothing good to say about his dad. Actually, he started giving large hints about it long before his interview with John Yates on YouTube. At one stage, he hinted that his dad was trying to silence him because TLC demanded that they say nothing nasty about the family. However, after a while, Paedon started posting less stuff that referred to his dad.

Sister Wives fans think that TLC silenced Paedon with an NDA. After all, they saw little of him on the show for years. Now that he left the military and has a job as a bouncer, perhaps he couldn’t resist the cash if he appeared in season 18. Which he did. Before he went dark, he did let fans know that he wasn’t thrilled when his mom became engaged to David Wolley.

Kody Brown Sister Wives Spoilers – A Cousin Goes More In-Depth On Polygamy

TLC could have done so much more to explain the workings of polygamy to viewers. However, there is at least a cousin who answers a lot of questions about it. His name is Benjamin Brown and he revealed that Kody is his uncle. On his TikTok profile, he wrote, “Cult escapee and standup comic-Nephew of the Sister Wives.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown's Nephew Explains More About The Polygamy World
Benjamin Brown / TikTok

Sister Wives fans who follow Benjamin learned that believe it or not, Kody is considered to be quite “liberal” in the AUB. Apart from that, only the more ambitious people who want tons of everlasting glory have to get married to multiple waves. However, those who only take one wife are still believed to get into the lower echelons of Heaven.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Other Posts About Polygamy

Sister Wives fans have learned a lot from Kody’s nephew. For instance, he talked about how he can’t say for definite, but he sees nothing in Kody Brown that might indicate he was ever a violent person. Meanwhile, he did confirm that Kody’s dad, “grandpa Win,” was physically abusive,

He also claimed that “Mormon soaking … is real.”  If you don’t know what that is, then you can check it out on THIS LINK here. Apparently, they can have sex before marriage or with multiple women if they use a workaround.


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SOURCES: Benjamin Brown TikTok

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