Sister Wives: What Is Happening With Silent Paedon Brown?

Paedon BrownEarlier this year, Sister Wives fans heard that Christine Brown got engaged to David Woolley, and her son, Peadon was quick to react. Actually, from being super supportive, he seems aggressively against the union. In fact, on his TikTok, he got angry when fans reacted negatively to his stance. Since early May, few fans heard anything from the usually talkative former TLC cast member. So, what’s going on with him?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Paedon Brown Is Usually Active On TikTok

Paedon is the only son of Christine and Kody Brown. Well, fans know that he has little time for his dad because he ranted about him on TikTok. Plus, he didn’t have many good things to say about him on YouTube lives with John Yates. Fans heard that he might have landed in hot water from dropping spoilers, even though he is no longer on the TLC show. In fact, he spoiled the premiere date for Season 18. According to him, it comes in September this year.

Sister Wives fans noticed that he doesn’t post as often as he used to on Tik Tok, He did pop up in a live and take a shot at his mom’s fiance saying that he cannot ever feel close to him. But, he acknowledged that his mom was happy. At one stage, he posted almost daily, but that seems to have fallen away in the past month and a half. Why is that? Is it because people troll him for not being supportive of his mom’s engagement?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Alum Peadon Brown Takes Heat

If you don’t know, Christine’s son was in St. George in Utah. However, he told his fans on TikTok that he was relocating to Salt Lake City in support of his mom. Of course, that was before the engagement announcement. For a while, it seemed that he lived with his mom. Later, the news arrived that he might be working in real estate. So, perhaps he opted out of military life. As his mom moved into a new home with David Woolley, it’s not likely that Paedon still lives with Christine.

Sister Wives What Is Happening With Silent Paedon Brown
Paedon Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans can’t help but notice his now very occasional posts on TikTok. Perhaps he’s busy with work? Or maybe he’s lost some of his flair after his sister Gwendlyn roasted him and called him out as a homophobic liar. Maybe he just isn’t used to backlash from TLC fans. Plenty of them roast him for not supporting his mom. His absence has been noticed and fans also comment about that.

Sister Wives Spoilerss – Followers Wonder What’s Up With Christine Brown’s Son

Sister Wives fans saw that recently, an old reel was shared by Paedon, and it had nothing to do with David Woolley or his mom. In the comments, a follower asked, “came to check on you. you good? where have you been?”

Usually, he reacts to comments but not this time. And yes, the trolling is fierce. One follower said, “Take a chill pill… your mom is happy… don’t be such an ass about her engagement!”

Another comment read: “I think it’s wrong you don’t support your mother and her new love. She has always been there for you!”

Plenty of simial comments followed. Could that be why he’s a lot quieter these days? Or did he get a serious rapping on the knuckles for spoiling the premiere date of Season 18? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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